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Genshin Impact Guide. How to defeat Geo Hypostasis?

Genshin Impact Guide. How to defeat Geo Hypostasis?

 We devoted another small guide to Genshin Impact to the boss of Geo hypostasis. This boss has a blocky appearance, there are two phases of the fight with him.

How to defeat Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact?

In the battle of Geo, hypostasis relies on five stone towers - one in the center of the arena, four at the edges. He himself is at the top of the central tower - he is out of reach for those who attack in melee. Ranged characters may well provide a small amount of damage, but they cannot be overcome with the help of shooters alone.

You need to break the tower where Geo Hypostasis sits. This can be done by characters who have two-handed swords, or you can use geo-attacks. After you break the towers (do not forget to move away from the boss's geo-attacks), the core will fall to the ground and will be vulnerable for 10-15 seconds, when you should attack it with everything you can. As soon as you reduce the boss's health to 50% in this way, the second phase will begin.

At 5% HP, the boss begins recovery mode. Here you need to destroy three towers. Unbroken towers retain their damage in phases - if you break two and a half towers in the first phase, you will have to destroy exactly two and a half.

And that's all there is to know about how to defeat Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact.