Genshin Impact - New Adventure Horizons Walkthrough Guide

 New Horizons for Adventure is a Genshin Impact World Quest. Learn how to unlock this quest and where to find it, as well as its rewards and a complete walkthrough for completing it.

It looks like Katerina wants to tell you something.

Quest details

Quest type: World Quest

Location: Mondsstadt 

How to open

Speak to Katerina in Mondsstadt

New Horizons Adventure Walkthrough

New Horizons Adventure Walkthrough

Visit Mondstadt and find Katherine, who is the secretary of the Adventurer's Guild. Its location is indicated on the map above:

All you need to do is use the teleporter and head straight for Li Yue. There, follow the marker, which will lead you to Katherine, who runs the same guild of adventurers, only in Li Yue. Give her the letter and the quest will be counted.

New horizons of adventure


Adventure Experience Image Adventure Experience × 350
Primogem Image Source Stones × 40
Key to the Tomb of the Mondsstadt Depths x1

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