Genshin Impact Q&A: Walkthrough Guide

 The Q&A is a World Quiz in the Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock this quest and where to find it, as well as its rewards and a complete walkthrough for completing it.

Sven has a few questions for you!

Quest details

Quest type: World quest

Location: Mondsstadt

Quest giver: Sven

How to open

Talk to Swanat the gates of Mondstadt. This quest will appear randomly.

Questions and Answers - Walkthrough

Questions and Answers - Walkthrough

Knight of the Ordo Favonius Sven stands right at the gates of Mondstadt. When the quest is active, he will call you

Most of Sven's questions are simple, but there are one or two that can confuse you. Answering them correctly will give you a ton of loot as a reward, although in reality you will still get a lot, even if you make a mistake. However, here are the answers if you want the highest score:

1. What are the names of the ruins northwest of Mondstadt? Lair of Storm Dread
2. What is the correct way to address a stranger in Mondstadt? A strange but highly respected traveler
3. What is the official position of the Genie? Acting Master of the Order

Questions and answers


No matter how you answer, you will complete the quiz and receive your rewards.
Adventure Experience Image Adventure Experience × 100
Mora × 20,000
Pancakes × 5

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