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Getting ancient seeds and fruits in Stardew Valley

 If you plant ancient seeds in Stardew Valley , you will soon receive the ancient fruit. It has several advantages and can be used in different ways. How to get to the ancient seeds, to get to the ancient fruit and what you could do with them, we tell you in our guide.

Getting ancient seeds and fruits in Stardew Valley

Ancient seeds give you the opportunity to grow ancient fruits from them. You can exchange these for a nice sum of gold or process them further. In the following we explain to you how you get these seeds and how you have to proceed to get the fruits.

Preserved ancient seeds

Ancient seeds are a reward that you receive as soon as you donate the Historic Seeds to the museum . Other ways of obtaining them are through the seed grower or the traveling wagon . However, the chance that they will be offered for sale in the touring car is very slim. The chance of receiving several ancient seeds increases via the seed producer. You can get up to three ancient seeds through this method.

Growing ancient fruit

If you plant the ancient seed, it will grow into a full-grown plant after 28 days . This plant bears the ancient fruit. If you harvest them, the plant will bear an ancient fruit again after seven days . It is most efficient to plant the ancient seeds on the first of spring. In this way you harvest as many ancient fruits as possible from spring to autumn.

This is how you use the ancient fruit

Before you consume all the ancient fruits in any way, you should always save one of them to make new ancient seeds. The fruits that you also receive can be sold or processed, for example, in order to make even more money with it. Both wine and jelly can be made from the ancient fruit. Processing them into wine brings you the most profit. With the craftsman profession you even get 40 percent more profit. With a wine with an Iridium star, a craftsman's profession can thus generate 4,620G per sale.