Google: Export contacts - here's how

Google: Export contacts - here's how

 If you export your Google contacts to a file, you can then import them into other devices or programs. We'll show you how to export your Google contacts here on OkayGotcha.

If you export your Google contacts, you can then import them into Outlook , another Android smartphone, another Google account or  an iPhone, for example . You also create backups of your contacts in this way. When exporting, all associated data of your contacts such as address, date of birth and telephone numbers are saved - provided that these were previously stored in the contacts.

Google: Export contacts - on the PC browser

1st step:

Open your Google Contacts website . Press the key combination [ Ctrl ] + [ A ] to select all contacts. Alternatively, you can only check individual contacts with the mouse. Click on the three dots ( ⋮ ) above and select " Export ". If you don't see the menu with the three dots, click on " More ".

Step 2:

Select whether you want to export the selected contacts or all contacts . Below you select the file format ("Google CSV", "Outlook CSV," vCard (for iOS contacts) ". Then click on the" Export " button ).

3rd step:

Select the option " Save file " and click on " OK ". By default, the export file is now saved in your download folder. Depending on your browser and your settings, you will also be asked for a storage location. Then select your download folder.

Google: Export contacts - on the Android smartphone

Step 1:

Open the Google Contacts app and tap the menu icon ( ≡ ) in the top left .

Step 2:

Opens the settings .

Step 3:

Click on the menu item " Export ".

Step 4:

You may now be able to choose whether you want to export the contacts linked to your Google account and / or the contacts saved on your smartphone. Tap on “Export to VCF File ”.

Step 5:

By default, your smartphone saves the export file with the name "contacts.vcf" in your download folder. If necessary, you can change that. Finally click on the " Save " button . The contacts will then be downloaded in the file.

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