Google Stadia coming to LG TVs this year

Google Stadia coming to LG TVs this year

 LG today announced a planned partnership with Google to bring the Stadia cloud gaming service to its new web OS smart TVs later this year. Thus, LG will be the first smart TV maker to receive Stadia support out of the box.

It is reported that owners of LG smart TVs will be able to play popular games available in Stadia using only the proprietary controller. No additional hardware is required. In addition, games will be able to use all the capabilities of the South Korean company's devices, such as 4K resolution and 5.1 sound. LG plans to launch this service later this year. It is reported that Stadia will be distributed as an app downloadable from the LG Content Store. As you know, currently the service allows you to access more than 130 well-known games, the number of which is constantly increasing.

LG has pledged that the perfect TVs for Stadia's full capabilities will be showcased at the company's virtual booth at CES 2021.

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