Green, blue and red card in Rust: How to get them and open the doors

 Discover with this guide the locations of the three green, blue and red access cards. We show you where to get them and how to solve the puzzles to open the locked doors.

Green, blue and red card in Rust: How to get them and open the doors

The access cards colors of Rust are a very particular item that many players do not know how to use or would like to find them in the game. In total there are 3 different cards and each one offers a different level of access:

  • Green access card: it is the easiest to find and opens green doors.
  • Blue access card: it is intermediate level and allows to open blue doors.
  • Red access card: this is the highest level, the most difficult to get and opens red doors.

In this entry of our complete guide we are going to show you where you can find each of the cards, how to solve the puzzles related to them or where are the doors that you can open with them, among other things. This way you can open high-quality loot boxes.

Where to get the green card?

Green access cards are the easiest to get . There are a total of 4 locations on the map where you can always find one, these are the monuments and areas where you should look for them:

  • Scrap Metal Scrap - This is at the end of the container deck near the crane.
  • Lighthouse - Enter the stairs and go through the first door on the right to find it.
  • Oxum Gas Station: Enter through the main entrance and go through the door on the left to find the card on the desk in a room.
  • Abandoned Supermarket - Go through the back door of the building to find it.

Also note that it is possible to get the green cards randomly by defeating some NPC scientists (those in the military tunnels drop them at 100%).

Where to get the blue card?

The blue cards are intermediate level and can be obtained after obtaining the green cards . When you use green cards on the respective green doors, you can get loot and also a blue card. That is, the blue cards are behind the doors that you open with the green cards (so you need to get these beforehand).

Still, it is not strictly necessary for you to have a green card to get a blue one because blue cards also have another alternative method of obtaining .

  • Blue cards can also be purchased - they are for sale at the Advanced Tools & Supplies Vending Machine.
  • This vending machine is located: at the outpost monument "Outpost".
  • Blue cards are sold: for 100 scrap.

Where to get the red card?

Finally we have the red access cards, the highest level . These cards cannot be purchased like the blue ones and can only be obtained in the following way:

  • You need to get the blue cards in advance: since you will need these to open the respective blue doors that allow you to get to the red cards.
  • In some cases you will also need the green cards: without them you cannot advance to the blue doors.

So you see, first you need the other two cards. Check the upper sections of the guide to find out how to get them. When you have them, you can solve the puzzles of the monuments Aerodrome, Power Plant, Train Station and Water Treatment Plant, where you can get the red cards.

Solution of the puzzles and how to open the doors

Each of the key cards in Rust are specifically used to open the locked doors of its related color. However, in order to open these doors you will have to solve a small puzzle . It's actually easier than it sounds; it is simply a matter of placing electrical fuses in some panels near the doors to activate their energy (in this way, when the card is passed, the door opens).

  • Electric fuses are a component: they can be farmed from different loot boxes, such as basic or military ones (remember that once a door is open you can pick up the fuse to use it elsewhere).
  • Very IMPORTANT , keep in mind that: normally from the locked door there is always a cable or cables that you can follow to end up finding the fuse panel in which you must insert the fuse (which will help you a lot to guide you).
  • Once you insert the fuse in the electrical panel: you just have to activate the lever that activates the power and return to the door to pass the card through the slot, so it will open and you can collect your rewards.
  • As a general rule: when you go through a green door you can continue exploring to solve another puzzle that opens a blue door, and after this you can solve one last puzzle to open a red door.

Location of the green doors

The doors for the green card can be found in these monuments :

  • Satellite Dish: you need 1 green card and 1 fuse.
  • Sewer Branch: You need 1 green card and 1 fuse.
  • Port 1: you need 1 green card and 1 fuse.
  • Port 2: you need 1 green card and 1 fuse.

Location of the blue doors

The doors for the blue card can be found in these monuments :

  • Aerodrome: you need 1 green card, 1 blue card, 2 fuses, and 10 radiation protection points.
  • Train station: you need 1 green card (optional), 1 blue card, 1 fuse and 25 radiation protection points.
  • Power plant: you need 1 green card, 1 blue card, 1 fuse, and 25 radiation protection points.
  • Water treatment plant: you need 1 blue card, 1 fuse and 25 points of protection against radiation.

Location of the red doors

The doors for the red card can be found in these monuments :

  • Rocket launch site: you need 1 green card, 1 blue card, 1 red card, 2 fuses and 25 radiation protection points (it is recommended to bring your anti-radiation suit and a water bottle).
  • Military tunnels: you need 1 green card, 1 blue card, 1 red card, 1 fuse, and 25 radiation protection points.

What are the rewards for opening the doors

Each of the access doors that are opened with the cards offer loot boxes containing resources , weapons , components and much more for our survival. As you can imagine, all this will come in handy for you . Of course, depending on the type of door, you will find fewer or more boxes and higher quality loot.

  • Behind the green doors: there are usually 1 to 4 basic boxes and also blue cards.
  • Behind the blue doors: there are usually 6-9 basic boxes, with the possibility of a military box and also red cards.
  • Behind the Red Doors: There are usually 2-3 Elite Crates, 2-3 Military Crates, and 2-3 Basic Crates.

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