GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist: Complete Solution to Robbery with Tips & Tricks


GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist: Complete Solution to Robbery with Tips & Tricks

If you have seen almost everything in GTA Online and mastered all modes, the Heists beckons very special endgame content that will really put your skills to the test. If you are successful in the finale of such an instanced robbery , you can look forward to a good portion of experience points (RP) and a well-filled account at the Maze Bank. Important: The Cayo Perico Heist is the first robbery that you can optionally carry out completely by yourself!

What is the Cayo Perico-Heist about?

With the Cayo Perico Heist , the most profitable robbery to date by developer Rockstar Games was activated on December 15, 2020 , which brings a lot of new content into the game. This includes a completely new island that goes by the name of Cayo Perico and belongs to drug lord Juan "El Rubio" Strickler . You can also look forward to new vehicles and weapons . El Rubio is considered the most notorious drug trafficker in the world and Cayo Perico, which lies off the Caribbean coast of Colombia, is one of the safest private islands and is the center of his drug empire. Among other things, El Rubio also supplies the Madrazo cartel.

At the beginning of the heist you are assigned by Miguel Madrazo , the son of Martin Madrazo , to steal the so-called Madrazo documents that are in the villa of El Rubio. You will only find out the reason for the theft after the first successful round of the robbery.

How do I start the Cayo Perico-Heist?

Since "GTA Online" has been around for a few years now and since the start, numerous new content and gameplay mechanics have been integrated into the multiplayer of "GTA 5", the online title can seem a little overwhelming at first. For those who have never logged into “GTA Online” or for whom the visit to Los Santos was a little longer ago, we explain below the requirements for the Cayo Perico Heist and how it can be started at all.

The basic requirement to even be able to tackle the robbery is the new submarine, which bears the name Kosatka, is driven by a guy named Parvel and can be purchased in the Warstock Cache & Carry online shop . But first you have to meet up with Miguel Madrazo at Music Locker to discuss his job offer. The new Underground Club is located under the Diamond Casino & Resort . Just take the elevator in the casino lobby and select the new club.

After talking to Miguel, you can buy the sub through Warstock Cache & Carry for $ 2.2 million GTA . As a VIP, CEO or MC-President you get access to the planning screen for the Cayo Perico Heist.

How can I enter the submarine?

If you have successfully acquired the Kosatka, you can have the submarine brought to you using the "Special vehicles" option in the interaction menu. The underwater vehicle will then be delivered to you near you and will be waiting for you on the coast of Los Santos or Blaine County. Just look for a submarine symbol on your map . You can enter the Kosatka from the command post or the bow and stern hatches.

If you are on board the Kosatka, you can access the planning screen . However, as with the other Heists, you cannot directly select the final, but first have to complete various preparatory missions, some of which are optional and others are necessary for the start of the Heist.

These Kosatka submarine extensions make sense

So that you don't waste too much time with these missions, we advise you to take a look at the optional expansions for the Kosatka. Although you can start preparing for the Heist after buying the submarine for 2.2 million GTA dollars , if you want, you can invest even more money in the expansion of the underwater vehicle. In addition to different colors and a flag, you can choose between a sonar station , guided missiles , a weapons workshop and two vehicles that are stored directly in your submarine.

We strongly advise you to spend the $ 1,815,000 on the Sparrow Hubschreiber . With this you can not only take off directly from board and land comfortably on the submarine in a short cutscene. You can also let the helicopter spawn next to you at any time via the interaction menu. Handy if you want to get from A to B or back to Kosatka quickly. The speedboat dinghy is already included in the price of the submarine , which you can also spawn in a body of water near you using the interaction menu.

The Kraken Avisa can also be purchased as an expansion for your submarine for 1,545,000 GTA dollars . The vehicle will be stored in your moon pool and started from there. The Avisa fits up to four people and you can use the built-in sonar to find the hidden parcels on the seabed , for example . The vehicle is less useful for the preparatory missions or the later heist. The optional sonar station on board the Kosatka also only shows you the collectibles or other submarines in "GTA Online".

Important items on board your submarine

Before you start the first missions, you should take a closer look around on board. Here you will find a bed, a computer, a small canteen where you can fill up your snacks for free, free weapons and a diving suit with which you can stay under water for a long time without hesitation.

How do I get to the new island of Cayo Perico?

Have you got to know Parvel and familiarized yourself with the Kosatka, you can start the first mission. For now, it's just about finding the documents about Madrazo on Cayo Perico. To do this, you have to infiltrate and scout El Rubio's island with Dave and Keinmusik to prepare the Cayo Perico Heist. Meet the two musicians at the private terminal of Los Santos International Airport . The quickest option is to use the helicopter on board. Alternatively, you can also get to the meeting point manually by submarine, fast travel or the speedboat dinghy. From here you will be flown directly to the small island in a private jet.

Scope Out Mission on Cayo Perico

Arrived on Cayo Perico, you will be greeted by drug lord El Rubio , who is throwing a party on the beach. You can dance to the music too, but this is where the seriousness of life begins. After you were able to shake the dance floor for a moment, you now have to sneak to the entrance of El Rubio's property . You should definitely move around carefully and quietly. The field of view cone on your radar shows the field of view of guards and security cameras. Stay away from it so as not to be discovered.

You can use discovered vehicles to drive across the island. However, this also increases the likelihood that guards will discover you if you drive too close to them. Use your radar regularly and look at the map of the island to see the routes of the waxes. If you have arrived at the entrance of the El Rubio estate, Parvel will tell you that there must be a security checkpoint nearby . A short time later, he informs you that the checkpoint to hack the security cameras is at a communication tower. The exact location is shown on the map. Once there, you climb the tower and open the electrical box.

Hack the security cameras

To bypass the system, you have to connect the numbers on the left with the modifiers on the right and thus reach a certain sum (below). If you have successfully bridged the system, you call up the city ​​tour app on your smartphone . This allows you to remotely hack and access the property's security camera network.

The security cameras can also be used to obtain additional information for the preparation and implementation of the Cayo Perio Heist:

  • Access points to the property
  • Infiltration and vanishing points
  • Extra prey
  • Interesting places

First of all, you should use the cameras to search for the documents about Madrazo . You can pan through the security cameras one by one and pan them each time to find out where the documents on Madrazo are. Check out absolutely any room more closely, to spy out additional prey such as cash, gold, paintings and Co. . The main target, the Madrazo records, can be found in the basement of the property in a high-security vault . Then you can take a closer look at the villa and the grounds to discover other access points.

For example, at the south gate there is a more subtle way to get inside. For this, however, you need a key card. The southern wall is also a good access point, as a piece of the fence is missing here. Here you can use a grappling hook to gain access unnoticed.

Scout out the north dock

Now you've spied out the Madrazo records and discovered other potential prey that you can take with you in the upcoming heist. Next, you need to spy out the north dock on Cayo Perico . Here you will find additional loot that can be stolen from the Cayo Perico Heist. On Cayo Perico, you can loot cash, weed, cocaine, gold and paintings as secondary targets. Search the warehouses nearby for additional loot.

Interesting items like a bolt cutter are also important to the Heist . If you discover other loot or such an item, take a picture of it with your smartphone and send it to Parvel. A corresponding symbol then appears at the relevant point. At the Heist you can come back here and take the loot or tools. In addition to primary and secondary targets, you can photograph access points, vanishing points, guard uniforms, grappling hooks and bolt cutters . Remember that you cannot carry as much as you like. If you want to steal more loot, you should perform the heist in a team with other players. 

Now you can decide whether you want to explore the island further or fly back to Los Santos. If you are satisfied with the loot you have found, speak to the pilot at the airport. This will fly you back.

The Cayo Perico Heist: Preparatory Missions

Back in Los Santos, you can use the planning screen on Kosatka to start the preparatory missions and the equipment phase . In addition, you always have the option to travel back to Cayo Perico to collect more information.

Steal the approach vehicle

In order to get to the island, you should steal a suitable approach vehicle for your chosen approach. You have to get at least one vehicle. You have a total of six different options :

  • Submarine: Kosatka
  • Plane: Alkonost
  • Plane: Velum
  • Helicopter: Stealth Annihilator
  • Boat: patrol boat
  • Boat: Longfin

Procure equipment

The next step is to get the equipment you need for the robbery.

  • Explosive charge
  • Cutting charge
  • Plasma cutter
  • Fingerprint cloning device

Since you cannot use your own weapon loadout for the Heist, you have to choose a fixed arsenal. You also have to steal these weapons as part of a preparatory mission. For $ 5,000, you can purchase silencers for your primary and secondary weapons . We advise you to make this investment in any case, as in the best case the guards will not even notice you.


With the optional sabotage missions, you can make your life a lot easier during the actual Heist. You can sabotage the weapons, armor and air support of the guards so that they are less well equipped and armored and also either do not attack you at all or only with light air support.

The Cayo Perico Heist: planning phase

If you have successfully completed all the necessary preparatory missions, the final of the robbery will be unlocked and you can decide on your individual approach as part of the planning phase. Choose your approach vehicle, the infiltration point, the access point to the mansion, the vanishing point and the time of day. You will only be shown options that you have previously unlocked through corresponding missions or by spying.

If you want to invest money in a smooth process, you can hire a support crew for GTA dollars. The following options are available:

  • Air strike
  • Inventory Delivery ($ 15,000)
  • Sniper ($ 25,000)
  • Helicopter assistance ($ 30,000)
  • Reconnaissance drone
  • Gun stash ($ 10,000)
Note: Sometimes you have to activate the individual options first.

The Cayo Perico Heist: Finale

If you have meticulously scouted out the island, stolen the necessary equipment and prepared a watertight plan, the grand finale is finally coming up. As you saw during the planning phase, there are numerous ways in which you can relieve El Rubio of his valuables. In a nutshell, there are two ways to get into the villa: a quiet approach or open conflict. Of course you can be lucky with both methods, but it will be much easier if you think about it in advance and can fall back on a well-coordinated team.

Tips for the heist finale

Guards can be easily switched off with silenced weapons in a team or alone. At night it becomes even easier for those who step quietly, especially if you switch off the power station at the airfield in the far north of the map. This will disable security cameras and cut power. If you decided on helicopter support during the planning phase, then you should definitely deactivate the air defense at the control tower at the airfield. Here you have to master the same mini-game as with the communication tower.

If you've spied out an access point where you have to climb, you should grab the climbing equipment, which can also spawn at the airport. Guard uniforms can also be very helpful, as they allow you to enter the premises unnoticed and guards see you as colleagues.

One of the best infiltration points is the drainage tunnels (drainage tunnels), which is located in the south of Cayo Perico. You have to swim to this point in advance ( scope out mission ) to explore the location. This infiltration point will then be displayed to you during the planning phase.

Select this point in combination with the Kosatka approach vehicle . This means that you are under water right at the beginning of the mission and can reach the tunnel quickly and, above all, undiscovered with a diving suit. Watch out for the underwater mines! Now all you have to do is use the cutting torch to cut the iron grating blocking the entrance - and you're on the property.

In El Rubio's villa

After the short cutscene, run up the stairs and turn left to take out the two guards unnoticed - definitely with headshots! It takes the guards a few seconds to react. If you are too slow, the alarm will be activated and the robbery will be much more difficult. Also, be careful not to kill guards if they are in the camera line of sight. After all, you didn't turn off the power or deactivate the cameras when doing this!

Get the golden Perico Pistol

Ideally, one of the two already has the keys that give you access to the vault. Try to silently switch off as many guards as possible until one of them loses the key, this will make your escape much easier. You will then see a marker on the map. Walk to this marker, climb the stairs and enter El Rubio's office . If you have already found the key to the Perico Pistol , you can now unlock the drawer on the desk and take the golden pistol.

Steals primary prey in the vault

There may also be precious paintings in the office that you can steal as secondary loot. There is also a secret door on the left side of the fireplace , behind which you can find some bundles of money, a medicit and a gun. Now turn to the elevator control panel on the opposite side of the room. Another mini-game awaits you here, in which you have to correctly recreate fingerprints.

The elevator takes you to the vault. If you have reached the bottom, run to the lattice door in front of you and crack it. If you are playing the Heist for the first time, you will find the Madrazo documents in the safe on the left. To open it, you will receive the code from Parvel via SMS , which will be different each time.

Since you've been a veteran of the robbery, you can use the plasma cutter to open the showcase next to the safe . Just make sure that the tool does not overheat.

Note: Primary targets are random and can consist of the following loot:


Wert / Value (normal)

Value (heavy)


$ 900,000

$ 990,000

Ruby Necklace (Ruby Necklace)

$ 1,000,000

$ 1,100.00

Bearer bonds

$ 1,100,000

$ 1,210,000

Pink Diamond

$ 1,300,000

$ 1,430,000


The most lucrative is the pink diamond. Note that the value of primary loot is increased by 10 percent on Hard difficulty.

Secondary loot comes in the form of:

Loot / Loot (per stack)



Money (cash)

$ 85,000- $ 90,000


Grass / marijuana (weed)

$ 147,870


Cocaine (cocaine)

$ 220,095


Pictures / Paintings (Painting / Art)

$ 189,500



$ 332,184

~ 66%


In the vault, just like on the property, there are doors that you can only open if you use two key cards at the same time. You can therefore only steal loot such as gold bars as a team.

The escape from Cayo Perico

You can now exit the vault through the sewer system or the elevator. Take her legs in hand and reach the forecourt as quickly as possible. You can easily open the gate with the key you captured earlier. Kill the last guards in front of the big gate and open it in a cutscene. If you have left the property, you should discover a motorcycle in front of you that is very suitable for an escape. However, there is only room for a maximum of two people. As a team, you should therefore organize an off-road vehicle. On the wagon outside, take out all the guards that are in your way, and then drive cross-country across the island towards your defined vanishing point.

Now El Rubio should also turn on and hunt you down in a helicopter . A good vanishing point is the main dock in the west of the island . Here you can get there quickly and you can also take some loot if your bag is not completely full. Take out the guards in the area and get on the speedboat .

Now take care of the boats that are chasing you and shooting at you. It is advisable to renew the armor every now and then and to increase your health with snacks, should you have been hit. Keep going straight towards the open sea and you should be able to finish the heist successfully.

A cutscene follows in which Miguel Madrazo hands her the documents and the loot. You will also finally find out what these documents are all about. At the end you will receive a summary of the robbery with exact numbers.

How can I play the Cayo Perico Heist in hard mode?

Once you've successfully completed the Heist, each additional round costs $ 25,000 . If you go back to the planning screen within 48 minutes (real time) after the heist, you will automatically start the heist in hard mode . This will give you ten percent more profit on the primary goal. In addition, the reward for the Elite Challenge is twice as high at $ 100,000 . To meet this challenge, you have to complete the heist in under 15 minutes in hard mode, do not die once and fill your bag completely with loot. After 48 minutes the level of difficulty changes back to normal.

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