GTA Online: Selling properties such as houses and garages - is that possible?

 Selling a property on GTA 5 Online is not that easy. Here we show you how to trade in and sell old houses.

Why Buy New Homes? The real estate market at GTA 5 Online is diverse. There you can find buildings for the small budget as well as luxury houses for the rich players.

As a CEO, you often want to show the outside world how wealthy you are yourself. You don't always have to do that with  fancy sports cars like the Grotti X80 , because the expensive houses at GTA 5 Online are also well suited for these purposes .

What do houses and properties bring in GTA Online? There you can invite your friends and co-workers to plan robberies or other adventures together. In addition, the larger houses often offer lots of parking spaces in garages.

You can accommodate a lot of vehicles there, which you can call up with the mechanic on the mobile phone.

Other real estate like CEO offices or motorcycle clubs help you make a lot of money.

Exchange properties and sell houses on PS4, PC and Xbox One

How do you trade in an old house? When you buy a new property at GTA 5 Online, you have the option to exchange one of your existing properties.

If you trade in your old building, you will receive around half of the old purchase price for the purchase of the new building. With that you sold the old house or the old garage.

To do this, open the mobile phone in the game (arrow up), select "Internet" and then go to the Dynasty 8 website. Then you search through the real estate offers there.

If you click on one of the houses, an overview of the properties you own will appear. Now you choose which property you want to exchange. If you have not yet reached the limit, you do not have to exchange a building and choose the "None" slot.

How many houses can you own? You can currently own 6 properties at the same time in GTA Online. That hasn't changed in years.

But there are other properties that you can buy:

  • A motorcycle clubhouse
  • 5 motorcycle club companies (coke, grass, etc.)
  • An office
  • 3 CEO garages
  • A vehicle warehouse
  • 5 warehouses (for boxes)
  • A yacht
  • A bunker
  • A hangar
  • A submarine

This is how you get a lot of money from the exchange: If you need a lot of money, you can simply choose a cheap garage or a cheap house as a new building. If you then exchange it for a building that is much more valuable than the garage, you will receive the difference in this "exchange".

Video tutorial: The GTA Gentleman channel has explained the procedure with the exchange of a house. Then you see in moving pictures how it works.

I don't have the money for a new house: If you don't have enough money to buy a new property, you have many options for making money. Anyone can pull off daily tasks, time trials and store robberies.

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