GTA Online: This Is The Best Loot In Cayo Perico Heist - Prices Of Paintings, Tequila & Diamonds

GTA Online: This Is The Best Loot In Cayo Perico Heist - Prices Of Paintings, Tequila & Diamonds

 The Cayo Perico-Heist in GTA Online is by far the most profitable heist that you can currently carry out in GTA 5 multiplayer . If you want to get a lot of money quickly, then you should definitely contest the Heist a few times, after all, there are numerous different approaches, changing goals (with different values) and also other loot that you can also take with you in your attack.

Diamonds, paintings and money: you can get these loot at the Cayo Perico-Heist

In the following we have included an overview of the primary and secondary loot that can be stolen from the Cayo Perico-Heist .

Note: If you are daring the Heist for the first time, your primary goal must be to take the Madrazo documents . The primary goals only change with all further rounds. If you are particularly lucky, you will even find a pink diamond in the villa of drug lord “El Rubio”, which will bring you up to 1,430,000 GTA dollars.

Remember that primary goals don't fill your limited pocket space. Only the secondary loot, which you can optionally take with you on each round, fills your pockets. Note that the respective loot has a different value and fills your pocket at different speeds.

For example, if you put a single painting in your pocket, the bag is already fifty percent full . With cocaine, a stack also means your bag is 50 percent full , but with this loot you get significantly more at $ 220,095 than the works of art, which are each worth $ 189,500 .

Primary Targets


Wert / Value (normal)

Value (heavy)


$ 900,000

$ 990,000

Ruby Necklace (Ruby Necklace)

$ 1,000,000

$ 1,100.00

Bearer bonds

$ 1,100,000

$ 1,210,000

Pink Diamond

$ 1,300,000

$ 1,430,000


The most profitable of the secondary loot is gold , as you earn over 500,000 GTA dollars here with 100 percent full bag. However, you cannot steal gold when you are traveling alone . You can only get the precious metal if you have two key cards and use them with another player at the same time.

Secondary Loots

Loot / Loot (per stack)



Money (cash)

$ 85,000- $ 90,000


Grass / marijuana (weed)

$ 147,870


Cocaine (cocaine)

$ 220,095


Pictures / Paintings (Painting / Art)

$ 189,500



$ 332,184

~ 66%


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