GTA V for PS5 and XSX will run on an improved version of the RAGE engine from RDR 2

 Like Skyrim, the legendary Grand Theft Auto V does not complain about the lack of support from the authors. The game debuted on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, received a port on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and in the near future it will reach its third generation of consoles. And it will get there, it seems, with interesting updates.

User Tez2 from the GTAFORUMS website rummaged through the latest update of the fifth GTA and saw some interesting files. Some of them are taken directly from the newest version of the RAGE engine, which dates back to 2018 - on which, we recall, the Western Red Dead Redemption 2 runs.

While the crime sagas have extremely similar technologies, RDR2 sports much more advanced lighting, fog and physics effects.

Also, earlier data miners discovered information about the transfer of Grand Theft Auto V characters to the PlayStation 5. It is not yet known whether we are talking about the three main characters of the action movie or about the avatar from GTA Online.

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