Hitman 3: Adopt progress from Hitman 2


Hitman 3: Adopt progress from Hitman 2

Hitman 3 gives you the opportunity to transfer your game status from the previous part of the series and thus keep your progress. We explain the process to you step by step.

In Hitman 3 you can not only play six brand new levels, but also well-known missions and areas from the two predecessors. So that you don't have to start your career as a professional killer from scratch in these missions, you could transfer the progress you have already made from Hitman and Hitman 2 to the latest part of the series.

Adopting progress: you have to pay attention to that

Before we explain the process to you in detail, we have to give you two important hints for taking over the progress:

  1. You can only take over the progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 . If you also want to keep your successes from Hitman 1, you have to transfer them to Hitman 2 first.
  2. As soon as you have transferred your progress, your previous progress will be overwritten . If you have already started Hitman 3, you have to repeat your already unlocked achievements. So we recommend transferring your progress first before starting Hitman 3.

The following content is transferred when the progress is transferred:

  • Player profile
  • XP rank
  • Mastery of the individual locations
  • Activation through the mastery of individual locations
  • Challenge Progress
  • Unlocks from the challenges
  • Suits and weapons for Agent 47

However, individual saved games from missions that have already started will not be adopted.

To transfer your progress from Hitman 2, you need to follow the next steps:

1. Create an IOI account

Visit the official website of IO Interactive to create your  IOI account or to log into your existing one. There you can check which Hitman parts have already been synchronized with your IOI account. If you've played Hitman 2, you should already have an account .

However, if your progress from Hitman 2 is not yet linked to your IOI account, you must first install and start Hitman 2 and then link your  IOI account under Options.

2. Connect Hitman 3 to your IOI account

As soon as you have ensured that your progress from Hitman 2 is synchronized with your IOI account, you have to connect to your IOI account in Hitman 3 as well. Navigate to this under Options on IOI Account.

Enter your email address in the following menu , click on Send and open the confirmation email in your mailbox.

Perform Hitman 2 progress takeover

As soon as your game is linked to the IOI account, the field Announcement: Apply should appear in the main menu under the tab Presented . If necessary, restart the game if the option is not yet offered to you. If the field does not appear after a restart, you can also take over the progress directly on the official website.

Then you just need to follow the instructions on the screen. Note that copying your progress may take a few minutes. The servers were also overloaded immediately after the game was released due to the huge effort. If the service is not available to you, we recommend that you try again after waiting one to two hours.

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