Hitman 3 All door codes and safe code combinations

Hitman 3 All door codes and safe code combinations

 There are some locked doors and safes in Hitman 3 . To open them you need the respective number combination (code). In this guide we want to help you to open all doors and safes.

The safe code and door code combinations should always be the same. In some games such codes are generated randomly, which is not the case in Hitman 3.

These instructions are under construction and will be expanded and supplemented.

Door codes and safe combinations

Dubai codes

Door code, staff area Door code

for the staff area on floor 00, which you can enter from the atrium. You can find the code on a whiteboard in the meeting room on floor 00.

Door code: 4706

Safe, security room floor 03 (Security Room)

The safe contains an evacuation key card, which can be used in two fields on the 5th and 4th floors of the penthouse.

Safe Code: 6927


Safe, penthouse guest room

In the guest room on floor level 5 you will find this safe.

Safe Code: 7465

Safe, Security Room Floor 01 (Security Room)

The safe contains an evacuation key card.

Safe Code: 6927

Dartmoor Codes

Safe, case file

You can find this safe in Alexa Carlisle's office on the 2nd floor. Press the button on the chair and the safe appears behind the picture frame. To decipher the code you have to examine the 4 symbols above the safe (clock, telescope, fire, elk) and find the objects around the mansion. You will find a number on each item.

Safe Code: 1975

Berlin codes

We are not yet aware of any doors or safes in this area.

Chongqing Codes

Container, door

Code of the container door to the entrance of the ICA facility. You get the code by listening to some people in front of the container. Same code combination as the apartment with the P41 form.

Door code: 0118

Door, ICA apartment

Door code for the ICA apartment (P41 form) on floor 02. You can find the code in the apartment on the answering machine.

Door code: 0118

Door, laundromat

Door code in laundromat, floor 01. Leads to the roof for the story of the all-seeing eyes.

Door code 0118.

Door code to the stairs in the benchmark laboratory

There is a door with a code in the building in which you have to remove "Hush". The door only leads from the 4th to the 5th floor. You can get the code from a white board on the 5th floor.

Door code 2552

Mendoza codes

Switch off laser system Code The door code to switch off the laser system to the wine cooler on floor 01. The code can be read from the wine, 1945 Grand Paladin. A security guard speaking to the sommelier also says the code is "the final year of World War II".

Code: 1945

Safe, Villa

The safe code for the villa contains important documents and completes a challenge. To get the code you have to eavesdrop on two guards in front of the Yateses villa on the cliffs. You hear the code is the Yateses wedding year. Upstairs in her villa there is a calendar from the year 2021 on the wall, the wedding day of which is circled as the “crystal anniversary”. Crystal means 15 years and 2021 - 15 = 2006.

To enter the basement you need the basement key, which you can find on a desk on the upper floor.

Safe Code: 2006.

More code combinations will follow soon!

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