Hitman 3 Guide (2021). How to get to the Top of the World

Hitman 3 Guide (2021). How to get to the Top of the World

 In the next Hitman 3 mini-guide, we will talk about the passage of the first chapter of the game - the mission "On top of the world" (Dubai). If you are interested, read on.

Hitman 3. At the Top of the World Walkthrough

  1. It all starts with a parachute landing on the Scepter skyscraper. Here you have two goals - the rich Karl Ingram and Marcus Stuvesant.
  2. Move to the right, go around the corner, climb between the windows into the cradle for builders. Next, you need to get the video camera and scan the lock installed on the window, after which you can open it. Next, you need to crawl into the ventilation.
  3. Inside the skyscraper, you will already be in a suit. You need to go through the hall, to the left and up, study the information stand along the way, from here you will learn about the server room.
  4. You can get to the server room by wearing a security guard suit. First, reboot the server in the corner to gain access to the PC - you need a card for this, you can get it from a worker who walks in the corridor nearby. Using your main PC (monitor with yellow text), send a meeting invitation to both of your targets - this will get them to get together.
  5. Inside the security room you will find a key card for the penthouse. There is also a banana, it can be used to stun. You go to the penthouse, your goals are already sitting there. Lock the room with a card. Your partner acts through the screen, then you just have to eliminate the targets. Next, you need to hide the body in the container, open the door with a card and you can leave.

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