Hitman 3 : how to recover backups of Hitman 1 and Hitman 2?

Hitman 3 : how to recover backups of Hitman 1 and Hitman 2?

 Available on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series , PC , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , Nintendo Switch and Stadia , Hitman 3 is packing content from its previous iterations, and its developer, Io Interactive has done it big for ensure the portability of the title, in particular by offering to import its backups.

In a page of the developer's site, it is specified that all Hitman 2 players will be able to import their progress into Hitman 3 : their profile, the experience points gained, as well as the various masteries. However, it will not be possible to choose what will be imported, it will be all or nothing . The import process will require an Io Interactive account , and can only be done from a web browser, not from the game itself. For the moment, the site does not offer a link to perform the procedure, but it does have a detailed guide on this subject.


As said before, progress can only be transferred from Hitman 2 , which may also have picked up Hitman's progress . The transfer can only be done from systems of the same family , for example, a Playstation console to a Playstation console, or an Xbox console to an Xbox console. This means that if you own Hitman 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , and you buy Hitman 3 on one of the two machines mentioned above, you will have to make the transfer twice .

Also note that the transfer will not be possible between the Steam version and the Stadia version , and that since there is no Nintendo Switch version of Hitman 2 , the transfer will not be possible on this console.

Warning ! The transfer can only be done once, and note that if you do the transfer AFTER starting the game, you will lose all your progress. It is therefore advisable to perform the transfer BEFORE launching Hitman 3 for the first time.

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