Hitman 3, where to find the Yellow Bird (Ornithological Art)

 In Hitman 3 one of the trophies requires you to find the yellow bird . In reality you will have to find and photograph several of them in the Berlin mission. The yellow bird is nothing more than a particular graffiti, here are all the places to find it to get the Ornithological Art achievement trophy.

Hitman 3, where to find the Yellow Bird (Ornithological Art)

As we said at the beginning, the yellow birds to be photographed can be found on certain walls during the Berlin mission. There are in total 6 graffiti with the yellow bird to photograph in Hitman 3 , here is a step by step guide to find them all:

  • YELLOW BIRD # 1 - From the red-lit entrance to the night club, turn around and head south. Walk to the small white van and turn right. You will see a green paint splattered bin on your right. Turn around and go right to find the first yellow bird, the one with the sunglasses and the cap backwards. Take a picture of him.
  • YELLOW BIRD # 2 - Go back and go right, passing the security guards. Stay on the path until you reach some people standing next to a burning barrel. Go right when you see them. You will see the yellow bird above some pink letters just beyond the parked cars.
  • YELLOW BIRD # 3 - The third bird is immediately to the left of the second area, at ground level, slightly hidden by a yellow bin.
  • YELLOW BIRD # 4 - Head right and pass two more security guards until you reach the gray container on your right. Climb on it, then climb up to the upper level. You will find yourself face to face with several yellow birds, you don't need all of them to enter the shot, one is enough to consider this graffiti completed.
  • YELLOW BIRD # 5 - Immediately turn right and go up the ladder, then back up the stairs to the right. Look to the left and you will see the yellow bird under the longer ladder. You will have to go downstairs to photograph it properly.
  • YELLOW BIRD # 6 - Go up the stairs and go through the door. As soon as you cross it, look left at the top. To find the last yellow bird and get the Ornithological Art trophy.

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