How to "bind" a jump on a wheel in CS: GO


How to "bind" a jump on a wheel in CS: GO

How to assign a mouse wheel scroll jump in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In any PC game, you can reassign the controls to your liking. However, not everything lends itself to standard setting. For example, scrolling the mouse wheel, which is responsible for the selection of weapons. In fast-paced multiplayer shooters, it is much more convenient to assign a different function to the wheel. For example, a jump. Scrolling the mouse wheel is faster and more comfortable than pressing a button on the keyboard, which will give you an edge during combat. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this can be done using the management console.

  1. Open the opportunity to call the console . To do this, start CS: GO, open the "Settings" menu and select "Game Options". Find the item "Enable developer console (~)" and set the value to "Yes".
  2. Bring up the console . To do this, go back to the main menu and press the "~" button.
  3. In the console itself, enter the appropriate command . Write "bind" mwheeldup "" + jump "" if you want the mouse wheel to scroll up to jump. If you prefer to roll the wheel down to jump, enter "bind" mwheeldown "" + jump "". You can copy the line with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C and paste it using Ctrl + V.

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