How to Change character and gender - Rust

 In Rust, your character is given a random gender and appearance, which cannot be changed in the game. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the default settings of the body of his character must either accept this or take detours. In this guide, we will explain to you how you can change the appearance of your character.

How to Change character and gender - Rust

It is not actually intended that you can change your character visually. Even if you cannot make any changes directly in the game, you have the option of designing your character according to your wishes over two corners.

This is how you customize your character

First, link Rust to your steam library and set your profile to "public". Then right-click on the Rust Launcher and go to the properties. Check the box for "Run program as administrator" in the "Compatibility" tab and switch back to Steam. Right click on Rust in the library and switch to the "Properties" menu here too. You will find the start options in the “General” tab. Here you enter the codes from this guide.

Attention : If you use several codes, you have to separate them with a space.

Codes to change gender

  • Male : -gdr20m
  • Female : -gdr20f

Codes for changing skin color

  • Light skin tone: -rcW_low
  • Very light skin tone: -rcW_high
  • Dark skin tone: -rcB_low
  • Very dark skin tone: -rcB_high
  • Asian : -rc_asn

Codes for determining the size of the sexual characteristics

  • Small : -sz6s
  • Medium : -sz6m
  • Large : -sz6l

Codes to change hairstyle

  • Style 1 : -rcH_1
  • Style 2 : -rcH_2
  • Style 3 : -rcH_3
  • Style 4 : -rcH_4
  • Style 5 : -rcH_5

Pay attention to the spelling when entering the codes. Incorrect entries can lead to undesirable results. The codes are effective as long as they are entered as the start command and can be adjusted accordingly in Steam at any time. If you change your server, your character will look like you have specified in the start commands.

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