How to Collect scrap quickly in Rust

 Scrap is an important resource in Rust . It plays a big role especially in the early game. Virtually nothing in the world of Rust works without scrap. The consumption of this is enormous and only gradually decreases in the late game. If you want to get to the coveted good quickly and efficiently, we will show you in our guide what options you have.

How to Collect scrap quickly in Rust

Since you need a lot of scrap, you can find it on almost every corner. Especially when crafting weapons, you will not get around collecting as much scrap as possible. Each box has a chance to hold scrap. However, since the quantities are extremely small , the targeted farming of the boxes is not particularly useful if you want to collect scrap. Therefore, you should focus on these methods:

  • Exchange other materials at vendors for scrap.
  • You can find a lot of stuff in outposts that you don't necessarily need. If you recycle these things, you will quickly get a lot of scrap . Recycling has a nice side effect: your inventory always stays tidy and free of unnecessary clutter. Use the green machines for recycling, which you can find near outposts.
  • Loot boxes in harder areas. They potentially give out more scrap.
  • Ambush potential junk farmers, defeat them and steal their loot.
  • If you have an oxygen cylinder, move to the shore and explore the sea by boat. Keep an eye out for floating debris, they mark sunken ships in which you can find large boxes. It contains a lot of junk.

Collect scrap efficiently

The fastest way to collect junk is to concentrate on a combination of all of the above. Go on forays with the intention of collecting scrap and don't get distracted by the numerous options on the way. Search specifically for outposts , loot the boxes that you find on the way and run back to your base regularly to secure the junk you have collected. If you find an oxygen cylinder, look for sunken ships in the sea. Always be careful not to let other players kill you. Be especially vigilant when you are on your way back to base.

If you meet another player in the vicinity of an outpost, the probability is high that he himself has junk in his inventory. If the player hasn't noticed you yet, you should look for an advantageous position and surprise him. With a lot of luck you can get a lot of scrap in one fell swoop. However, only get into a fight if you don't have too much junk with you. Otherwise you may lose more than you would have looted.

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