How to create your own server in Rust

How to create your own server in Rust


If you want to play Rust in peace or if you want to venture out into the world with friends according to your own rules, you can create your own dedicated server. Your rules apply on your own server. You decide who plays on the server and you can adjust some options to change the game world. In this article we explain how you can get your own server.

To create your own server for Rust, you need a powerful computer . You can use the computer that you also use to play or a separate Windows PC that runs for the duration of your gaming session. If you use a separate computer, it should have at least 8 GB of RAM. If you want to use a larger map, 16 GB of RAM is recommended. If you want to play Rust yourself on the computer at the same time, you have to plan more RAM accordingly.

Create your own server

The basis for your own dedicated Rust server is the program "The Steam Console Client" (in short: SteamCMD ), which you can download. Creates a new folder for SteamCMD and another folder for the Rust server. If not already available, install a program for unpacking with which you then unzip the in the SteamCMD folder you created. Then run steamcmd.exe . In the window that opens, enter the following commands one after the other to download the necessary files for the Rust server:

  1. login anonymous
  2. force_install_dir “d: \ games \ rust.server” (Instead of d: \ games \ rust.server you have to use the path of the folder that you> created for the Rust server.)
  3. app_update 258550
  4. quit

Set up the automatic start of the server

So that your new server is automatically started first, you have to open the folder of your Rust server. Here you create a new text file and call it RustServer.bat and click with the right mouse button on the file and choose edit . Now you enter the following:

echo off
: start
C: \ steamcmd \ steamcmd.exe + login anonymous + force_install_dir c: \ rustserver \ + app_update 258550 + quit RustDedicated.exe -batchmode + server.port 28015 + server.level "Procedural Map" + server.seed 1234 + server.worldsize 4000 + server.maxplayers 10 + server.hostname " server name " + server.description " server description " + server.url " " + server.headerimage " http: // "+ server.identity" server1 "+ rcon.port 28016 + rcon.password letmein + rcon.web 1
goto start

To give your server a name, simply enter it in the place of the command that says server name . You can also do the same for the description. If you don't have a website or a server picture, leave the last two commands blank and do not enter anything.

Change map, determine size and change seed

The map, its size and the seed are determined via the RustServer.bat that has just been created. You can customize the settings with the following parameters:

  • + server.level “Procedural Map” : Instead of the procedural map you can also define Barren, HapisIsland, SavasIsland and SavasIsland_koth as a map.
  • + server.seed 1234 : Use a seed of your choice instead of 1234.
  • + server.worldsize 4000 : The number 4000 defines the size of the generated map. You can enter a number between 1000 and 6000. The higher the number, the bigger the card.

Become admin on your Rust server

Server admins can ban players and enter cheats and console commands. To do this, enter your Rust server in the game, press F1 and note your SteamID or the SteamID of a player you want to appoint as admin. Then open SteamCMD on the server and use the following command:

ownerid SteamID "Admin Name"

Instead of SteamID, enter the 17-digit SteamID number of the player you want to make admin.

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