How to get the Cyberdemon costume from Doom in Fall Guys. How to get crowns to buy a skin


How to get the Cyberdemon costume from Doom in Fall Guys. How to get crowns to buy a skin

IN Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout three costumes coming fromDoom . Let's figure out how to get the Cyberdemon costume. Doom Executioner and Kakodemon costumes will appear later.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be crossover with the Doom universe on January 12. The Cyberdemon, Doom Slayer and Cacodemon costumes will appear in the in-game store at a certain time. The first one is already available.

If you're a fan of the Doom series, or just want to collect all the costumes in the game, then you're probably wondering how to get these three. The costumes are only available this week. Cyberdemon is the first Doom outfit available in Fall Guys. It will be available until 12:00 UTC on January 14th. Like all costumes in Fall Guys, it is split into top and bottom halves. Each half of the Cyberdemon costume can be purchased separately from the Fall Guys store for 3 crowns, so you only need 6 crowns to unlock it completely.

To purchase, you need an in-game currency - crowns, you need to earn it in the game. For winning each match, you will receive one crown. So you need to win 6 matches if you want to get the full suit.

You can also get crowns by leveling up your Battle Pass. Even if you don't win every match, you will earn fame and be able to unlock various rewards. But the most important thing is that you can earn crowns this way. They can be obtained at the following levels:

  • Level 3: 1 Crown;
  • Level 8: 1 Crown;
  • Level 11: 1 Crown;
  • Level 15: 2 Crowns;
  • Level 21: 3 Crowns;
  • Level 26: 3 Crowns;
  • Level 31: 5 Crowns;
  • Level 36: 5 Crowns.
The number of crowns required to purchase the Doom Slayer and Kakodemon costumes is unknown at the time of writing. In past crossovers, the price has varied from 3 to 5 crowns for each half of the suit.

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