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How to get to the heart island in Genshin Impact

 In this guide, you will learn how to get to the island of the heart in Genshin Impactand find a luxurious chest with a valuable reward. For opening this chest, you will also receive the achievement "Loyalty to the End", which will reward you with an additional five Source Stones.

Where is the island with the heart

The screenshots below show the exact location of this small island. It is located southeast of the Yaoguang Shallows.

Where is the island with the heart

There are two ways to get to this area. The first of these involves the use of Cryo characters capable of freezing the surface of water. This will create an ice bridge for yourself. It would be nice to have two of these heroes on your team.

The second way is a little faster. You will need to use the Anemo skill on the four-leaf clover located to the left of the elite boss Geo Hypostasis located in Gu'yun Stone Forest. The result is a powerful air flow that will allow you to gain great altitude and fly to the island.

How to get a chest on the island with a heart

In order for the chest to appear in the center of the heart, you will need to place two characters in both parts of the shape, as shown in the screenshot below.

As you probably already guessed, for this you will need a partner, that is, you cannot do without a second player. Let's add that the chest appears only once. Opening it, you will receive various artifacts and weapons, as well as a magical enhancement ore.