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How to start automation in the Dyson Sphere Program


How to start automation in the Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program is a space strategy game with simulation elements in which you have to build your own intergalactic empire. Of course, it will be extremely difficult to operate such a system in manual mode. However, you can automate production. We will tell you how to do this in this guide.

How do I start automation?

To start the automation process, you need to build the following production chains:

  1. Start generating energy (Power).
  2. Start mining for Iron and Copper.
  3. Set up Refine Ores.

In addition, you need to master the following technologies:

  • basic logistics (Basic Logistic Systems);
  • automatic metallurgy (Automatic Metallurgy);
  • basic assembly (Basic Assembling processes).
These technological processes can be studied in any order.

Power generation

The Dyson Sphere Program is powered by Wind Turbines. You will receive one of them during the training, but soon you will need more such structures. Note that it is not worth building turbines on all planets. Their efficiency depends on the Wind Energy Ratio.

Power generation

Try to build Wind Turbines next to Mining Machines. If this is not possible, Tesla towers will have to be erected to transmit energy over a distance. Unlike Wind Turbines, they can be built anywhere. In addition, they have a large feed area and long outgoing lines.


To automate the mining of Iron and Copper, you need to put a Mining Machine near the source of raw materials and provide them with electricity.

It is recommended to install the machines so that they cover as many fields as possible. If you need to rotate it, hold down the Shift key. Keep in mind that if two machines simultaneously process one deposit, it will quickly dry up.

Once you have installed the mining machine (Mining Machine) and provided it with electricity, connect the conveyor (Conveyor) to it.