How to unlock all the secret locations of the Berlin map in Hitman 3 and get the trophy (achievement) Followed the Trails


How to unlock all the secret locations of the Berlin map in Hitman 3 and get the trophy

Apex Predator's action mission Hitman 3 develops on the Berlin map containing 22 secret areas that must be explored to obtain the Followed the Trails trophy (achievement). In this guide, we will tell and show you where to find them and how to access them.

Warning. Hitman 3 has not been officially translated into Russian and will not be translated anytime soon. Therefore, we have provided the names of the places with our unofficial translation so that you better understand what is at stake.

Level -2 (-2 level):

1) Hirschmüllers Office (Hirschmüller's office): open the basement map and inspect its upper part, namely the L-shaped room next to the stairs;

2) Dance Floor: in the middle of the map. Easily determine - the main area of ​​the level is set aside for a large dance floor;

3) DJ Booth (DJ console): at the top of the map, opposite the dance floor;

4) Boiler Room (boiler room): in the lower right corner of the dance floor;

5) Basement Bar: in the lower left corner of the level map.

How to unlock all the secret locations of the Berlin map in Hitman 3

Level -1 (-1 level):

6) Pipe Room (boiler room): the upper left side of the building on this floor, if you are guided by the map;

7) Projection Bar: the lower left side of the building on this floor.

Level -1 (-1 level):

Level 0 (0 level):

8) Club Hölle: lower left, street, part of the map. Where queues line up;

9) Club Entrance (face control): a small corridor behind the bouncers;

10) Wardrobe (amulet): checkpoint for face control;

11) Water Channels: bottom right of the map. Outside the main building;

12) Chill Out (rest area): in the middle of the level, on the right side. Outside the main building;

13) Red Toilet: In the middle of the Hall Club, on the left. Inside the main building;

14) Back Entrance (back entrance): walk along the Hall club building on the left side, not far from the biker hangout;

15) Biker Hangout (party of bikers): a detached building in the upper right corner of the level - a biker club. This particular place is a small room overlooking the main building;

16) Garage: top right corner of the map, inside the club;

17) Drug Packaging (drug factory): also inside the club, in a narrow room in the upper left corner;

18) Juice Bar (phytobar): on the right side, slightly above the middle of the level. Part of the bar can be seen from the recreation area.

Level 0 (0 level):

Level 0 (0 level):

Level 1 (1 level):

19) Grow House: a small farm room in the middle of the second floor of the biker club.

Level 1 (1 level):

Level 2 (level 2):

20) Sniper Nest (sniper position): an observation deck in the lower right corner (on the map!) Of the third floor of the biker club.

Level 2 (level 2):

Level 3 (3 level):

21) Overpass: a corridor between two clubs.

Level 3 (3 level):

Level 4 (4 level):

22) Radio Tower (radio tower): below, to the left, away from the Hall and biker club buildings. We'll have to wander around the level to get to it. The entrance is sealed. You will need a key or nail pull to open the door.

Level 4 (4 level):

We have listed all the areas of the Berlin map that you need to unlock for the Followed the Trails achievement.

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