How to unlock new passive skills in Path of Exile from the Echoes of the Atlas expansion. What skills are available in the new skill trees


How to unlock new passive skills in Path of Exile from the Echoes of the Atlas expansion. What skills are available in the new skill trees

Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas - new addition to the RPG of the same namePath of Exile . It has a ton of content: territories, enemies, skills and bosses. However, the biggest changes were made to the passive skill system. In our guide, we will tell you what passive skills will be available to players and exactly how to get them.

One of the key features of the add-on is a new boss - Maven. The developers tried to convey to the players a sense of Maven's exclusivity. She appears in one of the encounters and deliberately complicates it by observing how the player copes. If the fight goes well, Maven will give you his beacon, allowing you to summon her in the midst of battles. After a series of demonstrations of his skills to her, Maven will invite the player to his world, where the main tests of the expansion will await him. Maven wants to know your limits, so the fight with her will have to be earned by a series of battles with several smaller bosses. The cycle will repeat until you have fought 10 bosses in the same arena. Only then can you try to defeat Maven herself.

Such a move made it possible to tie a number of new mechanics on the main boss of the expansion. In particular, the passive skill tree system. There are 8 of them in total, in accordance with the available territories. Passive progression is also directly related to a specific territory. Moreover, each tree is significantly different from the others, which significantly changes the gameplay and allows you to more finely customize your character. Each tree has 10 skills. You can get points by passing the Maven challenges, that is, by going through the arenas. For each successful boss fight in the world of Maven, you will receive 2 points of passive skills. Of course, in the course of the game you will have the opportunity to redistribute skills.

So, in Echoes of the Atlas there are 8 territories and 8 skill trees:

  • Glennach pyramids
  • Haywark Village
  • Lex Eyoris
  • Lex Proxima
  • Lyra Arteyn
  • New Vastir
  • Tyrn's Reach
  • Peace of Valdo

Passive abilities of the Pyramid of Glennach

  • Monumental: An area with a 10% increased chance of containing a Legion battle.
  • Face to face: 100% chance that the general will be present in the battles of the Legion; both generals appear in Legion skirmishes; Legion Generals in Areas drop 100% more Timeless Shards.
  • Torn Veil: Demons of the Otherworld require 1 less portal to summon in an area; Beyond portals in areas have 100% increased fusion radius.
  • Smell of blood: enemies killed close to each other have a 3% chance to attract monsters from another world.
  • Burglary protection: caskets in areas are desecrated; chests in areas are at least rare.
  • Double Temptation: Areas contain an additional chest; chests in areas with a 10% chance can be opened again.
  • Resource Reallocation: Killing Alien Architects in an area has a 50% chance to add an extra level to the surviving architect's quarters.
  • Cultural Progress: Intervention monsters are magical to say the least.
  • Rivalry Evolution: Killing architects room owners in areas adds their room level to the surviving architect's room level.
  • Prolonged Battle: Area fights with the Legion are 50% longer; Legion monsters in areas take 50% more damage while stasis.

Haywark Village passives

  • Greed for Power: when killing rare monsters, an additional portal is created in the Otherworld; upon killing unique bosses, 5 additional portals of the Otherworld are created.
  • Nature's Gratitude: Harvested Plants yield the rarest of the 2 selected crafting recipes.
  • Call of the Grove: A Sacred Grove can be found in an area with a + 5% chance.
  • Wild Fruit: Harvest Fields in Areas have a 100% increased chance to grow a level 4 plant.
  • Controlled Corruption: Corruption in areas of imprisoned monsters with Essence does not free them; an additional Essence can be found in the area.
  • Reinforcement: Found Entities will be one level higher.
  • Gathering Information: Completing the cards grants 10 information about a random Immortal Syndicate hideout.
  • Hungering Demons: Rare demons of the Otherworld have a 35% chance to drop Common Currency.
  • Focused Investigation: Increases the amount of "favor" granted by June's quests in areas by 100%; after completing the area, there is a 10% chance of getting June's side quest.
  • Bribery: 200% more chance that members of the Immortal Syndicate will offer items in exchange for a deal; members of the Immortal Syndicate drop 2 additional items at the deal in exchange for items.

Lex Eyoris passives

  • Family friend: Cadiro Perandus will offer the rarest of the 5 selected items; Cadiro Perandus's Offers cost 20% less Perandus Coins.
  • Pursuit Mania: The chance to meet unique Delirium bosses in areas is increased by 100%; the number of fragments of the Simulacrum dropped by Delirium bosses in the areas is increased by 100%; Delirium bosses in areas have a 100% increased chance to drop unique cluster gems.
  • Prospero's Promise: Areas to find an additional Perandus Chest; 20% chance to spawn in Cadiro Perandus Areas.
  • The best examples: Metamorphs in areas do 50% more damage; Metamorphs in areas have 100% more health; 50% chance of doubling the bounty for Metamorphs.
  • Escaped Experiment: A roaming Metamorph can be found in the area.
  • Slowing Time: Area Incursion Architects drop 1 additional Incursion Rare Item; the time gained for killing monsters in Area Incursions is doubled.
  • Over and over again: the amount of "favor" given for Alva's tasks in the areas is increased by 100%; after completing the area, there is a 10% chance of getting Alva's side quest.
  • Vaal Oligarchy: A Vaal Flesh Trader can be found in Area Interventions.
  • Pathology: Maps found in areas have a 10% chance to contain Delirium layers.
  • Painful Hoarding: Fighting Delirium has a 15% chance to generate 3 additional types of rewards.

Lex Proxima's passive abilities

  • Serve by Hand: Breach bosses defeated in areas have a 5% chance to drop a Breach Stone; Breach stones dropped from Breach bosses have a 9% chance to become charged; Breach stones dropped from Breach bosses have a 3% chance to become enriched; Breachstones dropped from Breach bosses have a 1% chance to be refined.
  • Gatekeepers: the chance to meet a boss in the Rift is increased by 100%; The number of Rifle Shards dropped from Rift bosses has been doubled; Breach bosses defeated in areas have a 5% chance to drop a Breachstone.
  • Sulfite Saturation: White cards grant 200 additional Voltaxic Sulphite upon completion. yellow cards grant 350 additional Voltaxic Sulphite upon completion; red cards grant 500 additional Voltaxic Sulphite upon completion.
  • Energized: Damage increases by 35% for each Voltaxic Chest or Vein found; movement speed is increased by 15% for each Voltaxic chest or vein found.
  • Unprecedented harvest: Harvests in areas have double bonuses on the quantity and quality of items; The sacred grove in the areas has an additional Harvest.
  • Heart of the Grove: 100% increased the chance of a heart of the grove in the Sacred Grove in areas; 10% chance that unharvested crops in the fields will not wither.
  • Session: Up to 20 rare monsters in areas are possessed and their minions are touched.
  • Rich Veins: 10% chance that voltaxx chests and veins have double the amount of sulfite; 20% increased Sulphite in Voltax Chests and Veins in all areas.
  • Invasive Forces: Breaks have 30% increased area of ​​effect; Breaches have 30% increased monster density; Experience gained from Rift monsters in areas is increased by 50%.
  • Abundant Harvest: Experience gained from Harvest monsters in areas increased by 200%; 50% chance to summon a monster after collecting plants.

Lyra Arteyn's passives

  • Epidemiology: 100% more chance that Fel Chests in Areas will contain infected maps; tainted maps found in areas are treated with random oils.
  • Spores in the Wind: 10% chance of additional maps found in areas. fight with the fel.
  • Cache: An additional 10% chance of finding a Smuggler's Cache in areas.
  • Stealing from your own: blueprints dropped in areas have a 10% chance to be fully revealed; 100% increased chance of blueprints falling from the smuggler's stash.
  • Immune response: 100% more non-unique monsters appear in the area during fights with Fel; fel monsters in areas spawn 100% faster.
  • Feral Companion: Increases the amount of "favor" given for Einar's missions in areas by 100%; after completing the area, there is a 10% chance to receive an additional Einhar quest.
  • Mighty Hunter: Einar's recharge speed in areas is increased by 100%; Einar deals 1000% more damage to unique monsters in areas; Einar remains in the areas after completing the quest.
  • Sharp Breakthrough: 10 additional rare monsters spawn from the Breaks; Rifts open and close 100% faster.
  • Natural selection: Areas are home to rarer animals.
  • Feeling for Weaknesses: 10% more chance of encountering Fissures in the area.

New Vastir's passives

  • Sulfite Guardians: Sulfite veins and chests are guarded by monsters with sulfite reserves.
  • Crazy Diligence: 100% increases the favor granted for Niko's tasks in the areas; after completing the area, there is a 10% chance of getting Niko's side mission.
  • Out of Nowhere: 5% chance that Sulfite Veins and Chests will contain the same amount of Azurite.
  • Army of the Abyss: Increase experience by 50% when killing Abyssal monsters; Abyss summons 100% more monsters.
  • Promised Boons: 10% chance that Void Treasures can contain a rare item with an Void socket; +3 to the level of the Treasures of the Abyss; the number of items found in the Abyssal Hoards is increased by 200%.
  • Complete Anarchy: For every 2 additional types active in content areas, an additional Rogue Exile is encountered.
  • Rogue Trader: 15% that regular Rogue Exiles will have certain rewards.
  • Significant: Timeless Shards dropped by Legion monsters have a 1% chance to become Timeless Emblems.
  • Priority Targets: Legions always contain 3 extra. sergeants; sergeants always have awards.
  • Military Supplies: Each Legion encounter contains additional military supplies.

Tyrne's Reach passives

  • Buried Riches: Abyssal Depths treasures contain common currency.
  • Lightless Legion: +3 to the level of Abyssal monsters; 100% more magic monsters in the Abyssal Depths; 100% more rare monsters in the Abyssal Depths; groups of monsters in the Abyssal Depths are increased by 50%.
  • Exotic Goods: Area Invasion bosses drop 1 bonus. valuable item.
  • Mighty Forces: Delirium's density is increased by 50% based on distance from the Mirror.
  • What you're looking for: Increased the chance to find Mirror of Delirium in areas by 10%.
  • Unusual Eternity: Delirium's mist dissipates 25% slower; Delirium's mist lasts 10 seconds longer before dissipating.
  • Great Migration: 5% chance that all monsters in the areas with Einar's quest will be replaced with beasts.
  • Big Hunt: 15% chance that red beasts will spawn in pairs in areas; 30% chance that yellow beasts in areas will be replaced with red ones.
  • Invaders: Additional Invasion bosses can be found in areas.
  • Underworld: 1% chance that an Abyss can be found in areas for every 2% increase in the size of groups of monsters; 100% increased chance from the Abyss to get into the Abyss Depths; 100% increased chance of spawning a Lich in Abyssal Depths.

Valdo's Rest passives

  • Fel Titans: Fel bosses drop an additional oil-treated jewelry; Area encounters with Fel contain up to 2 additional Fel bosses.
  • Flash: Chance to find Fel in an area increased by 10%.
  • Ubiquitous Mycelium: Fel skirmishes in areas are more likely to contain multiple branches; in the branches of fights with fel with a 50% chance there is an additional chest with a reward.
  • Trial of Loyalty: Executed members of the Immortal Syndicate have a 100% chance of gaining an additional rank.
  • Diplomatic Escort: Up to 1 Harbinger accompanies reinforcements.
  • Ominous Arrival: An additional Harbinger can be found in the areas.
  • High productivity: an additional sample drops from the boss Metamorph, which leaves samples at death; The Metamorph difficulty scale in areas requires 50% less power to fill.
  • Innate Darkness: The chance to encounter Metamorph in the area is increased by 10%.
  • Gut: Defeated members of the Immortal Syndicate give 3 information about their current hideout if not interrogated.
  • Repeat experiment: you can create a second Metamorph in the areas after killing the first.

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