Is The Medium coming to PS4, PS5 and Xbox One?

 It's rare to find an Xbox exclusive today, as the developers release games for multiple platforms at once. Exclusives do appear when Microsoft sponsors the development of a particular game or buys an entire studio. As far as we know, the Bloober Team studio that released the horrorThe Medium remains independent, so the question is whether the game will appear on the PlayStation.

Is The Medium coming to PS4, PS5 and Xbox One?

The Medium is out on January 28 for PC and Xbox Series X / S, but the game may not appear on any PlayStation, because there was not even an announcement. Nevertheless, PS owners have hope to play Polish horror, but this is only a new generation of the console. The fact is that on Xbox One you can not wait for the game: it is included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription and will be available on the Xbox Series X / S, but there is no release date for the Xbox One. It can be assumed that it will not be on PS4 either.

Nevertheless, the release of The Medium on PS5 is quite possible, because like the Xbox Series, the console supports the fastboot function, which is necessary for the correct operation of dual reality in the game. The dual reality system works in such a way that the player sees two game screens on which the character controls: one reality is the present, the other is the other world. Coupled with ray tracing and high system requirements, The Medium is becoming a game only for new generation consoles, so its release on PS5 is quite possible and vice versa is almost impossible on PS4.

It remains only to wait for the official announcement from the Bloober Team, but about the PS4 the predictions are disappointing: without fundamental changes on this version of the console, the game will not be able to come out, otherwise the consoles of the last generation, like weak PCs, simply will not "pull" it.

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