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Kylo Ren in Star Wars Battlefront 2: best cards and tips

 These are the best cards and tips to use with Kylo Ren in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Dominate the battlefield with the help of our complete guide.

Kylo Ren in Star Wars Battlefront 2: best cards and tips

Star Wars Battlefront 2offers us the possibility of playing with several of the best known heroes and villains in the universe created by George Lucas. As each one of them has unique abilities and characteristics , we are going to tell you how each one works in general terms and which are the best cards to use in Heroes and Villains, Supremacy and Galactic Assault. In this case we will talk about Kylo Ren , the son of Princess Leia and Han Solo, destined to fall into the Dark Side of the Force.

How to play with Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is a lightsaber-type villain , that is, melee. He is a totally aggressive character . His Frenzy can take out enemies far apart , or can easily tear apart a blaster-type hero. The Pull can draw entire squads together or trap fleeing heroes, while its ability to paralyze enemies is rendered defenseless against its attacks.

Best cards for Kylo Ren

Best Cards for Supremacy and Galactic Assault

For the modes in which we will mainly face infantry , the best cards for Kylo Ren are:

  • Approach: This ability increases the distance between Frenzy attacks . The description may be misleading, not that Frenzy has more range to start with, but rather that if a Frenzy hit kills an enemy, the distance Kylo can jump to search for another enemy and strike is increased.
  • Strong Pull: although you will not kill enemies you hit with the Pull, with this ability you will get the targets within reach and ready to be eliminated in one hit (except heavy units, as usual).
  • Range: pairs with the previous one, and increases the range of effect of Pull.

Best Cards for Heroes and Villains

To fight against other Heroes and Villains , the best cards for Kylo Ren are:

  • Solid Paralysis (Against Lightsaber Heroes): If your enemies are primarily Lightsaber-type , this ability will allow you to paralyze them in a larger area.
  • Power of Darkness (against heroes blaster type): the heroes blaster can not block your sword , which will make this letter, which increases sword damage for 6 seconds after using Frenzy is tremendously effective.
  • Bloodlust: With this card, if all three Frenzy hits hit a target, they deal 60 more damage .
  • Range: It is extremely useful for catching heroes trying to escape you , including pesky blaster-type characters.