LoL: The first clues of 3 new champions for 2021, after Viego

LoL: The first clues of 3 new champions for 2021, after Viego

 The presentation of Viego has been the main course in terms of the great innovations of LoL for 2021. But in terms of new champions, it will not end there. The ruined king will be the first of many to arrive this year, and some of them will directly follow in his wake with a close relationship.

As promised from Riot Games, the plan is to at least match what was experienced in 2020, presenting  a new champion by position in 2021 , with an extra one for the position they deem appropriate as the two midlaners of last year. That means a total of five or six counting Viego himself, and as expected, the  first clues have not been long in coming in full presentation of the new season.

Once Viego reaches the client, in the bedroom there are three other champions in 2021  that are related to the Ruined King , to such an extent that in Ruined King  we will be able to find clues about some of these champions that over the next few months they will be dropped into Summoner's Rift.

  • A fighter AP : Team LoL wants to increase the workforce in the role of toplane , and the first fighter to bring diversity magical damage both your line like the rest. Hinting that it can be played on other lines.
  • An artillery mage : Fed up with the Chaos of the Rift between dances, displacements and crazy shots, this champion likes to be left alone.
  • An unconventional shooter : Following in Senna's footsteps, this shooter looks like it won't be intended solely for the bottom lane, or directly as an ADC. A sentinel of light capable of operating in different areas.

Shrouded as always in an aura of mystery, these will be the new champions that will arrive in LoL in 2021, once Viego has already done some of his in the jungle, and has prepared the ground for allies, and even enemies that They come to help Lucian and Senna stop him.

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