LoL Wild Rift: How to use the card to your advantage

 If you want to win your matches in LoL Wild Rift , you have to include the minimap. But in addition to checking regularly, interpreting is important. We at OkayGotcha reveal how you can use the map and the so-called Map Awareness to your advantage.

To win in Wild Rift, you have to defeat your opponent and take objects like towers, dragons or the baron with you. But for that you have to be alive and at the same time coordinate with the team.

And this is where the map and the associated view of allies and enemies play an important role. In LoL, this is also called “Map Awareness” - an awareness of the map.

Why is the map so important? You can use the map to track the movements of the players and thus determine your strategies. However, if you think that the map is only there to protect you from ganks, you will underestimate the amount of information:

  • You are safer in your lane and you will die less often.
  • You can also play more aggressively in your lane at the same time. Assuming you are in the top lane and see the opposing jungler at the bottom and the mid lane in the middle, then you know that you are completely alone upstairs in a 1v1 and can fight this fight as you wish.
  • You can generally make more decisions - like pushing against towers or killing dragons, heralds and barons.
  • You can gank more skillfully yourself if you know where the opponents are.
  • You also learn how aggressive your teammates are and whether they are more likely to win or lose their lane. You can also draw conclusions for the entire game from this.

It is important not only to look, but also to interpret it correctly. This guide should help you here. If you would like to receive the information via a video, here are some tips from the YouTube account ProGuides Wild Rift:

This is how you ensure a view of the map

If you want to benefit from the card, you first have to have sufficient visibility. There are several options for this, the most important of which are the wards:

  • Every player has wards in their inventory right from the start.
  • They can be set up anywhere with a simple click.
  • Bushes and positions where the players often hang out are particularly clever. These include the triangular bushes in the Dragon and Baron Lane, the bushes at the Red and Bluebuff, and in the river.
LoL Wild Rift: How to use the card to your advantage

Especially in the river, the jungle creature crab plays an important role in the view of the map. After her death you revealed an area of ​​the map for a short time, right in front of the baron or dragon.

Usually, killing the crab is the job of the jungler, as it brings a lot of gold and fits well into the corresponding routes . However, dragon and baron lanes are also allowed to defeat this opponent in order to ensure visibility and possibly even the kill of the object.

There are also the towers and vassals, which are often forgotten, but also contribute a lot to the topic of visibility on the map. Around the towers, the area is revealed and even in a certain way a safe zone, because opponents find it difficult to gank you there.

That is why the destruction of towers plays such an important role.

Looking at the map - a matter of practice

After we have clarified how to get a view of the map, it is now important to keep an eye on it at all times. This can be exhausting, especially during the laning phase.

Actually, you want to farm vassals, avoid the skill shots of the opponents and have to make friends with your champion anyway. But the sooner you start looking at the map regularly, the better you get at it.

If you want to learn to play with the map, you have to master your champion first. At some point you have to reach a point where controlling and farming becomes a "minor matter" while you actively observe the map and your fellow players.

The only thing that helps here is practice, practice, practice and play as many matches as possible.

Interpreting the map

What do I have to consider? Basically, you only have to count to 5, because you have to keep an eye on all enemy champions. It also plays a role to know whether the enemy has teleported back to the base from another lane or is on their way to you.

Outside the laning phase, the main focus is on team fights. The map can also help here:

  • If you are currently in the botlane with 5 players and you see two enemies, Top, who farm there, you can, for example, quickly defeat a dragon or push a tower. You are guaranteed to be in the majority for a certain time, because these two players must first run down to you.
  • If you see that there are only five opponents walking around at a time, it can again be advantageous to push the sides and thus force your opponents to retreat or to split up.

Basically, you don't just want to react with your information from the card, but act. You are trying to make a decision that works for you or that prevents you from having a disadvantage - for example, by avoiding a gank.

LoL Wild Rift: How to use the card to your advantage

No info is also info: If you don't see any enemies on the map, you should always play carefully and keep an eye on the baron and dragon. It is quite possible that the enemies want to defeat the objects or plan an ambush or group fight.

Include your group: if you can see the map, you have an advantage. But it only brings you something if you share this advantage with your group.

So use the pings on the minimap to warn allies of a gank or to share your plans regarding objects. That's a surefire key to winning in Wild Rift.

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