Maneater Tips and Tricks (Free for PS5 with PS Plus)

Maneater Tips and Tricks (Free for PS5 with PS Plus)

 We offer you a compendium of tricks for Maneater aimed at certain playable aspects such as exploration and combat and that will come in handy to turn you into a real nightmare in the ocean.

If you want to feel like a real shark and you have a PlayStation 5, surely you have been enjoying during the last hours Maneater , one of the free titles for PS Plus subscribers and that you have been able to download for free as soon as the year begins.

Through this open world title, we manage a huge white shark that will have to explore the ocean but also eat, and with it dismember any human or small animal that we have within our reach to survive.

As very few times in your virtual life you have been a shark, the following tips and tricks will be useful to you to succeed in Maneater, and so that you can eat any being that moves.

Maneater Tips and Tricks (Free for PS5 with PS Plus)

We are going to divide the following tricks and tips into sections such as general tricks, focused on combat, exploration and others.

General tips

  • Devour and devour non-stop, and we are going to need it not only to acquire nutrients, but also to evolve faster and level up, and therefore to be stronger. And is that if you get used to devouring practically everything that moves, you can count on the right level of shark for when the most advanced areas of the map come.
  • But taking into account the above, at the beginning of the game you will be a small shark and you will not have acquired mutations, so you must avoid those enemies that are too big for you.
  • You must be clear about how to obtain the four nutrients according to the colors. For example, fat is represented in yellow and you find it in most fish; minerals are represented in blue and are generally found in turtles; protein is represented under the color red and you find it in sea creatures and humans; while mutagens are represented in green and you find them in the rarest beings.
  • You must bear in mind that while you are in your cave, enemies will not be able to attack you, so you can spread ambushes there to be able to defeat them very easily since they will not defend themselves.
  • Once you have become an adult you can use your tail to throw things, destroy doors, and also to open paths that you could not access before.
  • Humans are not expert swimmers, at least compared to us who are a shark, and therefore once they fall into the water it will not even be necessary for the attacks because they will end up drowning with time.
  • You must take into account the three sets of mutations that exist, such as the set of bones that you will obtain by defeating the apex predators; the bioelectric set that you get by defeating a bounty hunter; and the set of shadows that you get thanks to the collectibles and that will work well against any type of enemy.
  • Look at the parts of the shark's body that shine as we fight, because it will give us a clue of what is being empowered.

Combat Tips and Tricks

  • Even if you are really fast and can escape from most enemies, you should always rotate the camera to try to avoid the counterattacks that you receive from some enemies that you are fleeing.
  • You must be aware of the vulnerable points of the different enemies, something that you will see when their body shines. Also learn the movements of the enemies before launching into battle because that way you will already have something gained.
  • If you cannot defeat an enemy because he is very powerful, you can either run away, or you can wait for him to attack you, dodge and then make a counterattack to try to weaken him.
  • You can try to drive some predators towards land, as they will not be able to move until they slowly return to the water.
  • When facing pesky hunters, try to take down their boats first because once they are in the water they will be practically defenseless.
  • But if you are facing large hunting boats, it is best to move away quickly if you are at a disadvantage, or even hide in grates and sewers since they will not be able to follow you.

Tips and tricks on exploration

  • Do not run away from the earth so much, because we will have a limited O2 bar that will allow us to carry out certain attacks and even flee from other predators until it is consumed, so sometimes it is not at all bad to take a little walk through the earth.
  • Once your shark can go to the open water, you are going to encounter a lot of new predators and it is recommended that you avoid them at first since they will be a much higher level than you.
  • Once your shark has grown to an adult or even an old man, don't forget to go back to the previous regions of the map to access previously inaccessible areas.

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