Minecraft Earth Closes In June

 Minecraft Earth  is a very interesting augmented reality game that uses some of the mechanics from Minecraft to offer a unique experience. Unfortunately, it looks like the game hasn't made a splash and will close soon.

In a new post on the game's official blog, Mojang confirmed that Minecraft Earth will close on June 30th. The latest update to the game, which kicks off the Super Season, will bring some gameplay changes, new character creation items, shorter crafting times, smelting, and more. If you've never tried the game, now is your last chance.

Minecraft Earth Closes In June

Of course, the fact that Minecraft Earth is closing does not fit into our heads, since the game could compete with the world's most popular augmented reality game ever created, Pokemon GO . Unfortunately, the current pandemic has made it extremely difficult for players to be out of the house to fully enjoy the game, so turning it off is likely more to do with the circumstances than the quality of the game, which has always been good from the start. 

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