New Battleground and Challenge of "Kanedzaka" in Overwatch

New Battleground and Challenge of "Kanedzaka" in Overwatch

Blizzard announced the start of a new temporary challenge in Overwatch - "Kanedzaka". Users can prove themselves in battles, including on the new map, which was presented a month ago.

Until January 25th, by participating in battles or, for example, watching Overwatch on Twitch , you can receive cosmetic rewards, including the appearance of "Kyogisha Hanzo" - by winning 9 victories in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade ". For 3 wins, you will receive a pagoda badge, and for 6 victories you will receive a Yokai graffiti.

And after linking your Blizzard account to Twitch and over 6 hours of watching Overwatch, 6 graffiti will await users. 

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