New Cyberpunk 2077 mod expands hacking options


New Cyberpunk 2077 mod expands hacking options

The new Cyberpunk 2077 mod , which was released online today, introduces new hacking options. 

The City H4ck mod introduces new features that allow players to open and unlock any door, turn on and off any device found in the city, open car doors from a distance, and more. Unfortunately, the mod does not allow players to open doors that are permanently locked as they do not register as doors. 

City H4ck mod

What does it mean?

The mod adds a menu to your game that allows you to control certain aspects of the items in the city. It includes:

Open, close, unlock any door.

This is especially useful if you want to explore areas of completed missions that are closed by default after completing a mission.

Power on, off or off any device

This includes vending machines, dispensing terminals, cameras, turrets, computer screens, elevator panels, traffic lights, and more.

Hacking vehicles

  • Open / close all doors, hoods of cars, trucks, etc.
  • Open / close car windows
  • Remove all car parts
  • Lock / unlock all doors


This mod requires at least version 1.8.3 of the Cyberpunk 2077 Cyber ​​Engine Tweaks mod .

How to install

Unzip the zip file in Cyberpunk 2077 \ bin \ x64 \ plugins \ cyber_engine_tweaks \ mods.

How to use

The mod window will appear by default when you open the CET console. If you want to toggle its visibility, you can use the F2 key.

Actions such as opening doors, influencing cars, etc., depend on whether you are looking at the object with which you want to interact.

Permanently locked doors in Cyberpunk 2077 cannot be opened yet, but the FreeFly mod allows players to fly through them and gain access to areas.

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