Paranormal Phenomena DLC: All content and objects | The Sims 4

 Hopefully you are not afraid of ghosts, because in the new Sims 4 expansion "Paranormal Phenomena" it goes haywire in the haunted house. While your Sim tries to survive the night safe and sound, objects float towards him or the ghosts put your nerves to the test. Here we show you what else you can expect in the new expansion.

Paranormal Phenomena DLC: All content and objects | The Sims 4

Paranormal phenomena at night

So that you can start straight into the scary fun, you first have to adapt your house accordingly. Similar to the "Tiny Houses" expansion , this is a property type, which is why you first have to set the house to "Haunted House Residential Property" . You will be greeted by Claude René Duplantier Guidry, your ghostly personal tour guide. He will guide you through the haunted house and explain the basic things and events to you.

While living in the haunted house, you will have to deal with creepy ghosts and floating objects, especially at night. Especially if you want to do household chores and the spaghetti is floating on the ceiling. This also has an effect on the house, which clearly loses value the more depraved it gets. So take care of it the next day at the latest.

But you can also interact with certain spirits yourself. These usually appear at night and have a different mood depending on the color :

  • Green: friendly
  • Blue: Sociable
  • Red: common

When you interact with the spirits, you can appease them with gifts or a nice chat and in return receive a small present yourself, for example in the form of sacred candles or soul fragments . These rejuvenate your Sim a little and make you feel good. By the way, you can also find the fragments every now and then on the plots.

By the way, should you have enough of Guidry, you can help yourself with a charming little helper. The ice-cold hand is not only a nice homage to the Addams Family, it also banishes Guidry from the property. You can also double the haunted speed and the amount of reward points for each successful night in the house.

New clothes in Create a Sims Mode (CaS)

Small but nice probably best describes the new clothing selection . Surprisingly, it is very flowery and airy, so you can walk around as a true free spirit. Only one outfit for the male Sims is a bit darker. While the women get away relatively well, the rest for the men and especially for the children is very sparse, as the hairstyles only occur in different age groups.




• Three hairstyles
• One headgear
• Three tops
• Four outfits
• Two pants
• One skirt
• One necklace
• Two pairs of shoes

• A hairstyle
• A hat
• Three tops
• A pair of pants
• An outfit
• A pair of shoes

• Four new hairstyles
• One outfit


New objects in build and buy mode

Here you will find everything you need to set up a small ghost room. In addition to the beautifully decorated floor and wall patterns for the house , you will find different sets for sitting and some decorative objects to give the room the right touch. The little cow plant in the glass showcase is particularly cute to look at. The new fireplace, the ice-cold hand and, above all, the seance table with a ghost ball , which you will have to get to know sooner or later, serve as interactive objects . Unless you're into the ghost haunted.

New Skill and Career: Medium and Investigator

If your charm is not good enough for the ghosts, you have to resort to harder methods: With your new skill "Medium" and the associated seance table, you can communicate as a bridge between the human and the ghost world and end all the ghost, if you are talented are enough. Incidentally, children can also learn the medium skill. There are a total of five different levels that you can reach:




Using the Medium Skill


Holding of group seances


Calling Bona-Hilde and the departed


Performing the gruesome ritual


Creation of a seance circle at any location, lower energy loss and higher success


Note: With the help of the cheat "stats.set_skill_level minor_medium 5" you can level the skill directly.

During your seance you can also take a ghost form yourself with the help of the gruesome ritual . As a life form like vampire or mermaid you cannot choose the spirit form, because after four hours the whole ghost is haunted again. Once you've reached the fifth and final level, you can ask Guidry if you can work as a paranormal investigator. Otherwise, you can treat yourself to the license in the reward store for a whopping 3,000 reward points .

Then you have to go looking for a job and select the investigative agency in the “Freelancer” category. This way you can go ghost hunting like a real ghostbuster every night and free a house of all mystical stuff. Removes haunted objects , starts seances and asks the ghosts to leave the property.

With the new expansion , a long overdue emotion called "Terrified" has finally moved into the game. It not only appears on ghosts, but on anything that scares your Sim. So if you have the "Seasons" expansion, your Sim will not find a peaceful sleep on a thunderstorm night.

As long as you are in the haunted house, your Sims will be strongly influenced by this emotion. Not only moving objects, but also nightmares can frighten your Sim and thereby display strange behavior. This also enables new interactions such as "shouting around confused" or even "diarrhea due to panic". Even beloved and long-established beings like Bona-Hilda, who was finally reintegrated into the game, gives your Sims a little goose bumps.


Since it's just an accessory pack, the content is quite passable. Especially the seance table will entertain you and your Sim for a long time. Paranormal phenomena feels like a (long overdue) addition to the "Scary Accessories" pack and thus finally provides an all-round haunted package.

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