Passing tasks (quests) in Disco Elysium


Passing tasks (quests) in Disco Elysium

ZA / UM recently completed a long awaited translation Disco Elysium into Russian. The game is very large-scale, so it will take several tens of hours to study the game. Many players may have difficulties in completing the assigned tasks, so in this material we will analyze a detailed walkthrough of the storyline and additional tasks.

Hero creation

Before starting the game, users need to create their character. There are three personality archetypes to choose from, but you can personally distribute ability points and choose any desired starting skill.

There are 4 abilities in total:

  • Intelligence. The thinking ability and mind of the character.
  • Psyche. The sensitivity and emotionality of the character.
  • Physiology. The musculature and strength of the character.
  • Motor skills. Perception, reaction and agility of the character.

8 points are available for distribution, while each ability already has a starting value of 1. There are only 24 skills in the game, 6 for each branch of development. All skills automatically receive a value equal to the ability score. For example, we pump intellect by 6 and all skills in this branch will take the value 6. At the start of the game, only one skill is additionally improved, so we will consider them in more detail.



  • Logics. Builds logical chains and helps to sort the whole world on the shelves. Needed for analyzing the surrounding world. Has a drawback related to the appearance of pride and vanity in the late game.
  • Encyclopedia. It uses all knowledge and allows you to remember various events. It will come in handy in many situations, not only when exploring locations, but also in conversations and examining a crime scene.
  • Rhetoric. Used for persuasion in conversations and disputes. It must be applied carefully, otherwise constant victories in debates will begin to anger friendly characters.
  • Drama. Allows you to deceive people and recognize lies.
  • Conceptualization. Develops sensitivity to art and helps to better understand creativity. It is useful in those situations where you cannot figure it out using logic.
  • Visual analysis. Helps to analyze events at the crime scene, as well as solve riddles using advanced abilities in physics and mathematics.


  • Willpower. Maintains morale and helps to avoid trouble in various situations.
  • Inner empire. Responsible for intuition and flair and allows you to explore unusual and mysterious things that ordinary people do not see.
  • Empathy. It helps to feel other people and allows you to better understand them, however, with a high indicator of this skill, the character will have to experience the suffering of others.
  • Authority. Helps suppress and dominate people. Makes you perceive the hero's words for real by force of aggression.
  • Police wave. Attachment to the job of a police officer allows you to build the best relationship with all police officers, including the protagonist's partner.
  • Suggestion. One of the ways of persuasion, which helps to influence men and women, forcing others to act in the interests of the hero.


  • Persistence . Responsible for the health of the character. As soon as health runs out, the hero will have a heart attack. After several heart attacks, the character will die.
  • Pain threshold. It allows you to withstand various types of pain, and also helps to eliminate not only cardiac arrest, but also other hazards.
  • Brute force. A high level of skill is required when using physical strength.
  • Electrochemistry. The hero has an attachment to drugs, therefore allows him to withstand the negative effects of drugs and use the knowledge about them. With a developed skill level, the hero may have various negative thoughts in his head.
  • Trembling. Increases the hero's sensitivity to some irritants in the city, but it is not always clear what the feeling is hinting at.
  • Dusk. Helps the hero pull himself together in a critical situation and get out of it without loss of health and injury.

Motor skills:

  • Coordination. Responsible for the dexterity and accuracy of the character. Helps to catch an object in the air and make an accurate shot from a firearm.
  • Perception. Develops attentiveness and helps to study every detail in detail in any situation.
  • Speed ​​reaction. Helps avoid various physical and verbal hazards.
  • Equilibristics. A high level allows the character to become cool, therefore, opens up new options for answers in dialogues.
  • Technics. Develops the hero's knowledge of technology and allows you to use various devices and objects in the world.
  • Self-control. Allows you to stay calm even in the most stressful situations and helps to better understand those around you.

It is recommended to pump musculature up to at least two units, otherwise the hero will have no room for error, and any injury will immediately lead to death. The game does not often require the use of physical force, so it is much more useful to use the skills of the intellect and psyche. Our starting ability selection is based on these metrics:

  • Intelligence: 5.
  • Psyche: 3.
  • Muscles: 2.
  • Motor skills: 2.
  • An additional skill of visual analysis is selected.

Prelaunch Recommendations:

  • Try to save as often as possible, since if you take any action that negatively affects the character, you will not be able to replay the dialogue.
  • In this case, in the absence of treatment items, you can find yourself in a situation with a reduced level of health or morale, when any accidental negative action will lead to the death of the hero, since it is enough to lower one of the two indicators to zero.

Hotel room

Hotel room

The hero wakes up on the floor of a hotel room and does not remember what happened to him. Bottles of various alcoholic drinks are scattered around. First of all, you need to collect things scattered around the room. We lift our pants from the floor, and take the jacket from the bed. A marker will appear above the hero's head. Indicators of this kind tell the player about the presence of any thoughts in the character or the opportunity to talk to his subconscious.

Click on the marker and find the keys to the room in the pants. Before you get the tie, you must turn off the fan, otherwise the hero will jump, hurt himself on the blades and will not be able to get the desired item. We go into the bathroom and talk to the mirror. You can refuse to look at yourself or see the true face of the hero at a given time. In the common room, we examine the broken glass and use the skill of visual analysis. The hero realizes that it was he who broke the window with his boot. We take the shoe from the hanger and go out into the corridor.

Find a second shoe

We go in the opposite direction from the girl and use the glass door to get out onto the balcony. We take the necessary item from the broken window and complete the active task.

A complete set of starting clothes provides some bonuses:

  • Inner Empire +1;
  • Police wave +1;
  • Electrochemistry +1;
  • Self-control +1;
  • Equilibrium +2.

We approach the girl with a cigarette. We ask her about the status of the hero and find out that he is a police officer who is investigating the death of a person for the fourth day. We go down to the lobby and study various objects with a green marker. We examine the sleeping man behind the counter near the entrance and take away "Magnesium", which will be required to restore the fighting spirit. You can try to wake him up and interrogate him, but he will not tell the hero anything interesting. Be sure to study the microphone and examine the bottle near the drunkard to get tasks.

We communicate with the head of the cafeteria, who will contemptuously answer questions, since the hero made a pogrom in the bar and a mess in the room. We talk with the man in the orange jacket. He will call himself Kim Kitsuragi, an employee of another police station, and will offer to jointly interrogate the manager of the cafeteria. We inform the partner that we have lost the certificate and we ask him again about the police structure. You can choose all the answers in turn, so we also report memory problems. After a long conversation with Kim, we receive several new tasks: “Examine the victim's body”, “Take a statement from the cafeteria manager”, “Report that you have lost your ID”, Kim at the end of the day. "

We talk with the old woman in the chair and inform her that we do not remember anything. When asked about the current year, be sure to choose the replica "Spring of the 51st" and receive a pen as a gift for the correct answer. The hero will not be able to answer the rest of the questions correctly, so there will be another active task "Find out the whole truth about reality."

Take readings from the cafeteria manager

We are interrogating after the partner and ask a question about Silva. We select the options "No, I asked before" and "It didn't work for you" and move on to questions about the victim. First we ask about the crime scene, and then about the possible murderer. We choose the option "Who pulled it up?" and get additional experience for building a logical chain and guessing about dockers and lynching. The task "Who called the police station to report the murder?" Will open.

After the end of the interrogation, the manager will ask you to pay for the drink, broken glass and a mess in the room. We can do the miracles of balancing act and see an epic scene, but it's better to ask him about the reals. We select "You are under arrest" and use the skill of authority. With the successful use of the skill, you can cross out cleaning the room and the broken window from debt by selecting the appropriate remarks. The task "Make amends" will appear.

Make amends

If it turned out to agree on reducing the debt, then the hero will need to find only 30 reais. We can talk to the old woman and, upon a successful test of the suggestion skill, get a badge from her. It can be pledged with a loan shark or returned back to Lena.

After interrogating the manager, we communicate with the subconscious about the house. We inform you that we remember some of the outlines and open access to the thoughts locker, in which you can open various bonuses. We select the research "Lonely Road Home" and launch it into development. We go out into the street, inspect the nearest inscriptions on the bar and interrogate the girl in yellow gloves. At the end of the conversation, you can ask her to lend the police gloves. We equip the hero and get +1 to the vehicle.

We get down lower along the road and open the door of the blue car. We examine the toolbox and take away the pry bar, bolt cutter and flashlight.

Report that you have lost your ID

We use the walkie-talkie in the carriage and ask to connect to the 41st police station. We inform about the loss of the certificate. Colleagues of the main character will react negatively to the situation, so the character will have to look for documents himself. When asked about a pistol, we try to use the drama skill and, with a successful action, we can lie about the loss. Otherwise, we can try to guess the weapon by choosing a revolver, or we will have to listen to the next ridicule of the police and admit that there is no pistol. We are asking for additional financial support and trying to find out our name, but the result will be negative in any case. At the end of the conversation with the police station, two tasks will open to find a pistol and an ID.

Call the infirmary in the station

We finish the conversation with the duty officer and ask the dispatcher to connect to the infirmary. Select all the lines one by one in a conversation with Dr. Nix Gottlieb. The doctor does not believe that the hero needs additional medical assistance, so he will advise him to stop using drugs and alcohol.

Who called the station to report the murder?

We call Sylvie on the radio and first ask about the ID, pistol and uniform. In a conversation with consciousness, we refer to Kim's lack of uniform, otherwise we will lose one point of fighting spirit. We ask about the dismissal and the lack of desire to tell the current situation at work. The character will assume that the fault lies with him, but the girl will not answer this question. We can mention Garth, but the end result is negative. We ask a question about calling the police and try not to be aggressive. The girl will mention the trade unions, so we ask our partner about them. Sylvie won't be able to help anything else, and the task will be updated.

After the conversation ends, you can try to pass the Empathy Skill Test. If successful, the hero will be able to ask the girl in more detail about the reasons for the dismissal. We apologize for our actions and suggest that you personally speak with Garth.

Talk to Garth instead of Sylvie

We return to the hotel and tell Garth about the girl. We admit that the hero broke the bird and say honestly that the manager's proposal flattered the girl, but the moment was not the best. We can also ask Garth about the closed kitchen and reserved tables. We learn that access to the kitchen will open at one o'clock in the afternoon and we receive a task in which you have to find out who is going to dine in the hall for the union members. Consciousness will tell you that this will most likely happen tomorrow, so today we can concentrate on performing other tasks.

We go out into the street and cross the road to the cars. We can talk to the trucker and go to the backyard. In the box we find a shirt and follow in the direction of the strike. The road to the port is closed and a huge bulwark is blocking the way, but you can talk to several people and find out more information about the current situation. Next to the Frittte pharmacy we find a handful of coins on the ground and return after 1 pm to the hotel. In the opened kitchen, we chat with the chef and examine the blue door. We agree with Kim to conduct an investigation and receive a corresponding task to investigate the secret corridors of the bar in the hotel.

We leave on the street and go to the book store to the left. We examine the counters and communicate with the girl. She will talk about dropping out of school and helping her mom with the store. We select all the replicas one by one and get some information. We ask the girl about detective stories and agree to use deductive abilities. If the skill check is successful, we find out that the girl often bites her nails and put forward the assumption that she is unhappy with the current situation in the family. We finish the conversation with Annette and go inside the store.

We examine all showcases with books and buy a map of the city on the second floor for 90 cents. We examine the yellow curtain on the first floor and do not open it at the request of the store owner. We talk with the woman and encourage her to bring the child inside by choosing the appropriate remarks. We ask about the closed curtain and pass the skill test. We inform the woman about the connection with paranormal forces and get permission to go inside the house and investigate it. The owner of the store will give the key to the locked door, and the player will activate a new task.

To be continued...

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