Pokémon GO: Genesect Pyro Module: How to defeat and capture it in raids? Our guide

 After Ho-Oh's short stint , it's the turn of the best Bug Pokémon in the game, Genesect, to make a comeback in Pokémon GO Tier 5 raids from January 5 to 13, 2021! We had already written a capture guide for this 5th Generation Fabulous Pokémon when it last appeared. But between the Pyro Module and the recent changes to the game, there are quite a few things to add that do not fit into a simple update insert. Let's go !


The main change from our article last summer is the Pyro Module. Modules allow Genesect to learn to modify the type of his signature "Techno-Buster" attack . In Pokémon GO, it is not possible to change the Module of a Genesect . You must therefore capture one with the Module you are looking for.

Pokémon GO: Genesect Pyro Module: How to defeat and capture it in raids

What about this "Pyro Module"? Well ... that's the least interesting of all. Why ? Because Genesect was already doing very well against fire-type sensitive Pokémon (you will understand from the name, the Pyro Module turns Techno-Buster into a Fire attack). It will be much more interesting to see what the Aqua Module gives ! In the meantime, this remains an interesting exclusive Pokémon to add to your Pokédex.

For the other stats, the only notable change is the move to level 50 which increases the Pokémon's maximum CP to 3791 points . Other than that, Genesect is still a good Pokémon, primarily focused on attacking.


With its very original double Insect / Steel type, Genesect has only one weakness: the Fire type . This weakness is even twofold. The best counter then becomes Mega Charizard Y with Flame Dance and Fire Burst followed by Mega Charizard X with exactly the same attacks. In third place we have Mega Demoloss e with Deu Fangs and Flamethrowers.

And the rest does not move! Continue to abuse Lugulabre, Darumacho and other Reshiram!

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