PS5: This is how remote play works - use a PC, PS4 or smartphone as a remote control

 With the remote function you have the possibility to control your PS5, but also your PS4 externally, without having to connect the PlayStation 5 to another device or screen. We explain how to do this here.

What can I do with the remote function? With this feature you are able to control your PS5 console from other devices and locations. With the so-called remote play, you can even play entire PlayStation 5 games on your PC or PS4.

PS5: This is how remote play works - use a PC, PS4 or smartphone as a remote control

Control PS5 with PC, mobile phone or PS4: Here's how!

In order to be able to control your PlayStation 5 from another location, you should have a good internet connection in addition to the necessary devices . A stable WiFi network  is indispensable here, nothing will happen with your mobile data volume. In addition to your PlayStation 5, you also need a free PSN account .

If all this is given, you can now select your desired remote control:

  1. Pc
  2. Smartphone
  3. PS4 / PS5

1. Control PS5 with PC

If you want to connect your computer to your Sony console, you should have a DualShock 4 or DualSense controller and a USB cable ready in addition to a PS5 , PC and PSN account . Then you have to download PS Remote Play . Then it continues as follows:

  1. Click on the settings of your console.
  2. Select System and activate the Remote Play sub-item.
  3. Start PS Remote Play on your PC and log in with the same PSN account as on your PlayStation 5.
  4. Connect your controller to your PC via a USB cable .
  5. Then you can search PS Remote Play for your PS5 console and have it connected automatically if both devices are in the same network.
  6. Alternative: Manual entry - If the app does not recognize the console directly, it asks you to enter a code , which is displayed on your console after activating Remote Play.

Then you should not only access the menu on your PS5, but also use Remote Play accordingly and access your games via the app. You can also activate HDR via the settings and adjust the video quality .

Note: The remote feature can also be used when the PlayStation 5 is in sleep mode.

2. Operate the PS5 with the smartphone

If you prefer to control the controls conveniently from your mobile device, you first need the PS Remote Play app , which you can download for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the settings of your console.
  2. Select System and activate the Remote Play sub-item .
  3. Then start the app on your smartphone and connect accordingly to your PS5. For this you have to enter a code with which you pair the devices.
  4. Then you don't need a controller connection, but can use the controls on your smartphone to navigate through the PlayStation 5 menu.

What can I control with the mobile phone? You can use various functions in the app, some of which make your smartphone a controller replacement , such as:

  • Call up settings
  • Use the Create button
  • Display the Control Center
  • Get microphone status - switch microphone on and off
  • Use the options key

3. Play PS5 games on PS4

Yes, you can also use your PS4 to navigate your next-gen console and stream games. To do this, you have to activate the function again via the system and the sub-item Remote Play on your PlayStation 5. Then follow these steps:

  • Select the PS5 Remote Play function on the home screen of your PS4 and search for the PlayStation 5.
  • Then log in to the PlayStation 4 with the same PSN ID that you use on the PS5.
  • Pair the two devices by entering the displayed code, then you can access your PS5 and the associated games via the PS4.

Up to three players can even access the same console at the same time to play multiplayer games together . This also works if you want to control your PS5 remotely with another PlayStation 5. The connection process is similar to that on the PS4.

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