Resident Evil Village - Demo Walkthrough

Resident Evil Village - Demo Walkthrough

 Resident Evil Village is a few months away from release, but a lengthy demo of the game is already available. We will tell you how to go through it.

The article begins with a walkthrough of the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo, but after release, here's a detailed guide to the full version.


Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo Walkthrough

At the moment, any PlayStation 5 owner can play the demo version of Resident Evil Village "Maiden".


The game starts in a dungeon. You are in a cell from which you need to get out. Examine the camera and find a Scrap of Paper in the wall . You can open it from your inventory and read it.

There is a hole to the right of the grate under the bench. Use it to get into the adjacent chamber. Unlike your cell, the grill in this room is open. Just go to the grate and open it. Examine the corridor and open cells. In one of the cells you will see a dead person. Remember where it is and run towards the exit. Try to open the main wooden door. At this point, you will hear something fall to the ground behind you. Go back to the dead man and pull him back from the  clippers  ( Bolt Cutters ).

Using the resulting object, cut the chain on one of the chambers. Enter the room and interact with the wooden bucket, which contains an incomprehensible liquid. So you get the  master key  ( the Lockpick ).

Using the same principle, open the second chained cell with a corpse. It is useless now, but will be needed in the future.

Follow the locked box by the wooden door and use the lockpick to open it. Interact with the lever to unlock the door. Follow the corridor forward until you reach the dining table. Examine the fireplace and open the doors. Use the hole behind the doors to get into the next room.

In the corridor, examine the only brick protruding from the wall  , which is located next to the candles. Click on it to open the passage. Pick up the second  note  with memories and use the passage in the wall to get into the room. Leave it and examine the corridor. Find the exit to the main hall of the estate. Go down to the first floor and find another  note  on the coffee table.

To the left of the table there are double doors to which a trail of blood leads. Open it. This will take you to the kitchen. On the dining table, find a glass with a ring inside  . Examine it in inventory to get an  eye .


Return to the second floor and insert the resulting  eye  into the door with a woman's face. The room read  blog  and pick up  the key  ( Courtyard Key ). Go down to the first floor and go to the door leading to the kitchen. At this moment, you will see a vampire in front of you. The first time the girl will catch up with you anyway, but after that you need to get into this room as soon as possible and use the key on the locked door. Watch the video concluding the Resident Evil Village demo.

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