Rust: ALL clothing, armor, suits and how to get them

 Discover all the clothing items available at Rust; clothing, pieces of armor and even suits. Here we tell you how they are obtained and what attributes improve when you equip them.

The clothing and armor is an aspect in which Rust makes some emphasis as there are a lot of articles of clothing with which we can get to protect our character and bring you additional defensive attributes (in fact in all standard games begin nudes). In this section of our complete guide we show you how to get clothing and armor in Rust, what benefits they bring and what are all the items in this category.

How clothing and armor work in Rust and what attributes it improves

Rust: ALL clothing, armor, suits and how to get them

Although Rust focuses much more on the weapons that we can use to fight, the collection of resources and the construction of bases , there is some attention that also falls on the clothes and armor with which we can dress our character .

These clothing items work by independent pieces, so that we can equip ourselves with helmets, chest bibs, gloves, pants and boots.

  • You have to make an important differentiation, and that is that there are both pieces of clothing as well as pieces of armor and complete suits , which is not the same.
  • The three types of clothing provide us with improvements in attributes such as resistance to radiation, low temperatures, shots, animal bites, etc.
  • However pieces of armor protect better against shots and melee attacks than clothing.
  • Clothes and suits, meanwhile, tend to provide better protection against the cold or survival in nature.
  • Clothing and armor pieces can be equipped on top , which provides better protection (there are 7 slots in the inventory to equip clothing).

How do you get clothes and armor?

Many novice players wonder at first how to get new clothing and armor in Rust, since in normal games we start naked as our mother brought us into the world (on some modified servers it is possible to start with equipment).

There are several methods of obtaining clothing:

  • Create clothing and armor: many of the clothing items can be crafted if we have the necessary resources to do so, from the crafting menu (there is a category dedicated to the subject).
  • Unlock Clothing Blueprints: Some of the clothing and armor can be obtained through their Crafting Blueprint on Research Tables or Workbenches.
  • As Loot Around the World: With a little luck you can find more clothing and armor when you explore the world and open crates, military crates, elite-level crates, and more. Don't hesitate to go looking!
  • Stealing from other players: this is another valid method, you can go straight for players who already have clothes and armor and cruelly murder them and then loot their inventories and keep what they have.
  • Buying the item: some costumes are exclusive and paid, and must be purchased with real money through the store that offers the game or through Steam.

All Rust clothing, armor and suits

Next we are going to list all the pieces of clothing, armor and suits that you can find in Rust, divided into these main categories. As the vast majority of them can be manufactured, we will also tell you what materials you need for their creation.

Note: we do not include costumes that are exclusive for payment or have been part of special events such as Christmas parties. We also do not mention its attributes because the protection does not vary much from one to another and could change in future updates.

All clothing items

These are the clothing items available at Rust:

  • Beenie Hat: Made with 15 fabrics.
  • Improvised Balaclava: It is made with 15 fabrics.
  • Sleeveless T-shirt: It is made with 30 fabrics.
  • T-shirt: it is made with 30 fabrics.
  • Long-sleeved T-shirt: made with 35 fabrics.
  • Shirt: made with 50 leather.
  • Hoodie: made with 80 fabrics and 1 sewing kit.
  • Jacket: made with 50 fabrics and 2 sewing kits.
  • Winter coat: made with 60 fabrics and 1 sewing kit.
  • Leather gloves: made with 20 leather and 1 sewing kit.
  • Pants: made with 80 fabrics and 1 sewing kit.
  • Shorts: made with 30 fabrics.
  • Boots - Crafted with 20 leather, 15 metal shards, and 1 sewing kit.

All armor pieces

These are the armor pieces available in Rust:

  • Burlap turban: made with 10 fabrics.
  • Burlap shirt: made with 20 fabrics.
  • Burlap pants: made with 20 fabrics.
  • Burlap shoes: made with 10 fabrics.
  • Leather helmet: it is made with 20 fabrics.
  • Leather vest: it is made with 50 leather.
  • Leather poncho: it is made with 20 leather.
  • Leather pants: it is made with 45 leather.
  • Leather skirt: it is made with 20 fabrics.
  • Leather boots: it is made with 10 leather.
  • Wooden armor helmet: it is made with 15 fabrics and 200 of wood.
  • Wooden armor: it is made with 300 wood and 1 rope.
  • Wooden Armor Pants: Crafted from 200 wood and 1 rope.
  • Bone Helmet: It is made with 15 fabrics and 50 bone fragments.
  • Bone Armor: Crafted with 15 fabrics and 150 bone fragments.
  • Metal Mask: Made with 50 leather, 15 high-quality metals, and 6 sewing kits.
  • Metal Chest Plate - Made from 50 leather, 25 high-quality metals, and 8 sewing kits.
  • Heavy Sheet Metal Hull - Made from 2 high quality metal sheets and 5 metals.
  • Heavy Sheet Metal Jacket - Made from 3 metal sheets, 8 high quality metals, and 3 strings.
  • Heavy Sheet Metal Pants - Made from 2 metal sheets, 4 high quality metals, and 2 strings.
  • Road Sign Jacket: It is made with 40 leather, 3 traffic signs and 3 sewing kits.
  • Road Sign Gloves - Made with 20 fabrics, 1 road sign and 2 sewing kits.
  • Road Sign Skirt: It is made with 20 leather, 1 traffic sign and 2 sewing kits.
  • Coffee Can Hull - Made with 15 fabrics, 60 metal shards, and 1 sewing kit.
  • Cube Helmet - Crafted from 35 metal shards.
  • Riot Helmet: Made with 10 fabrics and 50 metal shards.
  • Wolf headdress: it is made with 10 fabrics and 1 wolf skull.
  • Miners' Hat - Crafted from 15 cloth, 10 Low Grade Fuel, and 50 Metal Shards (provides light in the dark).
  • Candle Hat - Made with 15 fabrics and 5 low grade fuel (provides light in the dark).

All Rust costumes

These are all the costumes available in Rust:

  • Chemical protection suit: it is made with 5 canvases, 2 sewing kits and 8 high quality metals (provides great protection against radiation).
  • Hazmat Scientist Suit - Only administrators of a server can obtain this through the item menu.
  • Wetsuit: Available as a random loot in boxes, it offers protection against wet conditions and is very useful for swimming in cold water.

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