Rust: All Instruments, how to unlock them and play songs


Rust: All Instruments, how to unlock them and play songs

Here you will find the complete list of Rust musical instruments. Almost all are part of a paid DLC, although they can be played without buying it. We show you how many there are in total.

One of the DLC that can be found for sale for Rust is known under the title of Instruments Pack , which adds to the game a total of 10 musical instruments that players can create to play music like real stars. In this entry of our complete guide we show you what are all the instruments available in the game and how to play them even if you don't have the DLC.

How to get the Rust instruments?

To unlock the musical instruments in Rust we mainly need to have the aforementioned DLC . We refer to the following:

By buying this DLC all the instruments in our games are unlocked , being able to create them from the necessary resources for each of them. Now, if you haven't bought this DLC, it is also possible to get the items legally.

Get the instruments without the DLC

Great news for all Rust players is that, despite the fact that the musical instruments are added through the respective DLC, any player can use them, even without owning this downloadable content (as they have wanted from Facepunch Studios).

If you don't have the DLC and would like to play one of its instruments, you just need to find a player who does have it and is willing to give you the instrument . It is also possible to kill another player to steal their instrument, find them on corpses that carry them or inside boxes of shelters of other players who already have them.

How to play the instruments?

Playing Rust instruments is as easy as crafting and equipping them in hand , in an inventory shortcut. Once equipped, the left or right mouse buttons can be used to emit different tones and sounds from the instrument in question.

In addition, it is also possible to connect a MIDI-compatible keyboard or device to our PC to more faithfully reproduce the sound of the instruments (even playing songs). To do this, make sure to go to the game's options menu , access the "Experimental" section and activate the "MIDI input" option . If you don't have a device, you can always play a digital keyboard with valid programs like loopMIDI.

All Rust Instruments

Here we show you all the instruments available in Rust. We show you the 10 that are exclusive to the DLC and their manufacturing requirements (plus the Acoustic Guitar, which was already in the game long ago for all players).

Acoustic guitar

  • Instrument type: traditional acoustic guitar. It has no durability, so it never breaks. Chords or individual notes can be played.
  • Manufacturing requirements: 50 wood and 10 fabric.

Wheelbarrow Piano

  • Type of instrument: an improvised piano on a wheelbarrow.
  • Crafting Requirements: 200 Wood and 100 Metal Shards.

Junkyard Drum Kit

  • Instrument Type: A battery created from scrap debris.
  • Crafting Requirements: 200 Wood and 100 Metal Shards.


  • Type of instrument: a xylophone made of bones.
  • Crafting Requirements: 50 Bone Fragments.

Plumber's trumpet

  • Type of instrument: an improvised metal trumpet.
  • Crafting Requirements: 75 Metal Shards.


  • Instrument type: a tuba created from a used pipe.
  • Crafting Requirements: 100 Metal Shards.


  • Type of instrument: a cowbell of those of a lifetime.
  • Crafting Requirements: 35 Metal Shards.


  • Type of instrument: some crumpled cans assembled in a ring that form a tambourine.
  • Crafting Requirements: 25 Metal Shards.

Jerry can guitar

  • Type of instrument: a rustic guitar made from a gas can.
  • Crafting Requirements: 25 Wood and 50 Metal Shards.

Shovel bass

  • Type of instrument: a shovel with strings turned into a bass.
  • Crafting Requirements: 50 Wood and 75 Metal Shards.

Pan Flute

  • Type of instrument: some reused PVC pipes turned into a flute.
  • Crafting Requirements: 20 Metal Shards and 5 Cloth.

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