Rust: ALL Traps, how to get them and tips

Rust: ALL Traps, how to get them and tips

 Create impenetrable defenses and make your enemies curse you with Rust's traps, here we show you how to get each one and what are the best uses you can give them.

Is there anything more fun than setting traps for your enemies in Rust ? If you also want to build curious and effective traps around your base, need to defend your territory from invaders with claws and teeth or just want to watch the world burn, then here we bring you for our complete guide the list of traps available in Rust.

Keep in mind that these traps are ideal for fortifying your structures when other players want to attack and rob you. They are also great for creating ambushes, for example.

In total there are 6 traps in Rust and these are the ways to get them and the uses they can be given:

Land mine

The landmine is an anti-personnel booby trap , it is placed and armed on the ground and waits for a player to step over it to explode (usually instantly kills anyone) A player can be saved from the explosion if when he steps on the mine he stands on top of it waiting for another to disarm it.

  • How to get it ?: It can be made with 50 metal fragments and 100 gunpowder.

Wooden skewers

Wooden skewers on the ground are Rust's simplest and most basic trap . As if they were stakes, they are mostly used to defend a territory from invaders. If a player's steps will be 3 damage per second approximately, in addition to receiving the bleeding effect and a reduction in their movements.

  • How are they obtained ?: They can be made with 300 wood.

Automatic turret

The automatic turret could be considered a kind of sentry that tracks enemy targets and neutralizes them if it has them in its 180 degree line of sight . In order for this turret to function it needs to be energized with at least 10 electricity and have standard 5.56mm ammo (can be configured so that it will not attack certain friendly targets).

  • How to get it ?: It can be made with 40 high-quality metals, 1 CCTV camera and 1 orientation kit (on a level 3 workbench). Also obtained from weapon boxes and air supplies.

Flame turret

The Flame Turret uses low-grade fuel to function and activates when a player passes in front of it, firing a flare for 5 seconds , burning them. It is recommended to place it in corridors and inconspicuous corners (but not inside wooden structures, otherwise it will burn them).

  • How to get it: It can be crafted with 10 high-quality metals, 2 metal pipes, 5 empty propane tanks, and 3 gears.

Snap trap

The pressure trap is a traditional zepo , like those used to hunt bears. It is placed on the ground waiting for a clueless player to step over and take damage, in addition to bleeding damage. They can be disarmed by other players and each time it is activated you have to put it back together. It is ideal for hiding in brush or behind objects .

  • How to get it: can be crafted with 50 metal shards and 1 gear.

Shotgun trap

The shotgun trap is a type of defensive trap that is placed near doors or tool cabinets so that when a player passes in front it will go off (it usually kills anyone, even if they are wearing armor). It is loaded with handcrafted cartridges and fires at anyone who passes its range

  • How to get it: It can be made with 500 wood, 250 metal fragments, 2 gears and 2 ropes.

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