Rust: How to attack bases and win in PvP; tips and tricks

 Prepare properly to win all base raids and assaults on your enemies in Rust. Learn about the best weapons for busting structures, how to win PvP matches, and more.

Rust: How to attack bases and win in PvP; tips and tricks

Much of the excitement that many people sign up to play Rust comes directly from how much fun it is to attack enemy bases and fight in PvP. And you have to admit it, invading the refuges of our rivals and doing a raid in style is incredible. Whether it's to get and steal other people's loot , or just for entertainment. Of course, to carry out these feats there are a whole series of tips and recommendations that we want to show you below, as part of our complete guide (especially if you are beginners).

What is the best arsenal for raiding bases?

Let's start by clarifying one of the most important issues in order to carry out raids or raids (the term used to assault bases). What are the best weapons to attack ? Well, there are obviously two important differentiations to be made here .

  • On the one hand, take a look at the best weapons in the game (those are the ones you should have for PvP matches against other players).
  • On the other hand, the best weapons to destroy bases are all explosives.

This will not be a surprise. Indeed, the ideal weapons to destroy enemy bases and structures are portfolio charges, grenades and, above all, C4 timed explosive charges and rockets . You can also use explosive ammunition in your firearms.

Keep in mind that any base that is created from stone materials or higher can only be destroyed "quickly" using the above-mentioned explosives. Since our tools or melee weapons are going to do little. The problem is that this is going to cost you a lot of farming and looting a lot of loot boxes (so it is not recommended to start raids until they are well equipped).

Of course, if you go for players who are not very advanced and you see that they only have wooden structures , do not hesitate for a second to take out a torch or a flamethrower to burn the structures and burst them in the blink of an eye.

What bases to attack?

This seems obvious, but we must spend a few words on the subject; don't even think about attacking huge bases or bases that far exceed your options . Be consistent with your possibilities. If you see a heavily fortified base, with many players, or you just don't see where to attack, turn around .

  • The ideal is to always go for bases smaller than yours.
  • Try to find bases that may be empty when you attack, so you will save yourself a lot of trouble.
  • Even if you start an attack and see things get very ugly, feel free to back off .
  • Previously analyze the terrain around the base and what its architecture is, there may be traps prepared.
  • You don't want to lose all your resources and ammo in a failed attack, so manage what you have to win.

We recommend that you visit our guides on creating bases and how to defend a base to discover more details that other players may have applied to their own bases. In this way, by knowing this information, you will be able to play with more intelligence and knowing what may be the things that await you when attacking.

Create a nearby spawn point

A great idea when raiding is to create a small hidden structure in the vicinity from which you can quickly respawn if you are killed in the attack.

  • To do this, simply put: a sleeping bag .
  • If you can: also create a couple of boxes where you can store additional resources such as weapons, syringes, food , ammunition, etc.
  • If they kill you: you will respawn here and can quickly return to battle, even to recover your corpse inventory (and if you see that someone is robbing you, kill them from behind).

Play as a team and plan strategies

Although the assaults can be done solo, you have to be very Rambo and a bloody expert to succeed against medium or large bases. That is why team play is much more practical.

  • Feel free to play with friends or create alliances with clans or other players.
  • Coordinate with your teammates to decide together which base to attack and when to attack.
  • Plan an attack route before starting , study the terrain, look for weak points, distribute the tasks that each one will do in the attack.
  • Appoint a team leader to lead the attack and be ordered.
  • Covet not shout among you and may cast fights during the attack, you have to stay focused and avoid distractions.

Whether the attack went well or badly, after everything is over and things have completely calmed down, you can take a moment to discuss how things have gone and what can be improved for the future. A united team is a solid team that can win many battles.

Tips, tricks and tips to win PvP

After everything we have seen, here below we are going to review some useful tips that we must never forget when making attacks on bases and having PvP confrontations against other players:

  • Do not stand still: unless you are starting the attack, or you are going stealth among the trees and hedges, the idea is to always keep moving and be a pain in the ass for your enemies.
  • With automatic weapons, do not stoop: most of them have the same recoil both standing and crouching, so it is better to use them standing up to move faster.
  • Be careful when to heal: many times you can end up dead from healing when you should not. Sometimes it is better to risk a little and wait for a little rest to regain life with syringes.
  • Place your 'sight' in the center of the screen: a rookie mistake is to aim where it should not be, get used to having the camera centered in the middle of your screen to speed up shootouts, so you can shoot enemies as soon as they appear ahead reacting in time.
  • Be careful with looting: don't lose your greed, being still for a long time stealing the loot of a dead enemy or a box can leave you totally harmless in the face of a surprise attack. First focus on killing everyone and if you loot, be very fast.
  • Use the appropriate weapons at all times: for example, before entering a base, rifles, explosives and the M249 machine gun are the best for long and medium distances. But once inside a building, consider using submachine guns or shotguns for short range.

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