Rust: How to Best Defend a Base, Tips and Tricks


Rust: How to Best Defend a Base, Tips and Tricks

Avoid assaults on your bases and successfully overcome raids of your enemies with these tips and recommendations to defend your home in Rust. Make sure they don't reach your closet.

Any seasoned Rust player is aware that no built foundation is truly impenetrable by others. Ultimately, any base can fall if enough time and care is put into a raid . However, it is in our power to make things as difficult as possible for opponents, and for that we have a lot of options and ingenious strategies.

If you want to know some of the most useful tips and tricks when it comes to defending your base , take a look at this entry in our complete guide where we compile some important points for you below.

Fortify your base as much as possible

This first point may seem obvious, but it must be taken into account anyway. The bigger your base, the harder it will be to make it fall . Here we are not only referring to having a lot of walls, floors and rooms, but specifically to improving the quality of the structures created.

As you know, a wooden wall is much easier to destroy than a stone one . From the stone material onwards, players will have to use explosive charges if they want to attack us effectively, but that entails costs and efforts on their part. So it's all about farming like crazy resources to improve all your structures with the hammer, until the last one (and to be able to be high quality metal ). This will be the first step to further defense.

Create lots of doors and upgrade them

A basic tip that many beginners fall fast on is to only have a single door, and also wood. Forget about it . Wooden doors can be quickly broken with tools or weapons.

  • Always put up metal armored doors (as they require explosive charges to break).
  • Create airlocks in your entrances to make it a nuisance for your rivals to enter through there.
  • It is always recommended to have more than one door together , to form the air locks.
  • Also, do not forget to absolutely place locks on all doors .

Find a good place for the base

We have already talked about the best places to build your base in our guide, but it is worth remembering here a couple of important points in this regard.

  • Building your base in open valleys or near monuments can attract the attention of unwanted visitors .
  • On the contrary, it is more advisable to establish the place of our base in remote areas, high mountains or areas of irregular access so that it is more difficult to see from a distance.
  • Always keep in mind to have a good space around you for the extension of the base.

Tips and tricks for outside defense

The external defense of the base is vital and the first step to retain the invaders. If you have a great defensive structure, it is very likely that many players decide to retreat or not attack because they consider that the raid is too wasteful of resources or is too risky.

So, these are the tips and tricks that we give you in order to defend your base abroad.

  • Of course, improve the qualities of your structures: to the highest possible level and make sure that the "strong sides" of the walls are facing out.
  • The best walls to build: these are the tall external stone walls, they have 500 health and need 2 explosive charges to take down.
  • Place walls with spikes and spikes: it will prevent other players from building stairs to try to assault you.
  • Create and place various traps : around the perimeter of your base, for example automatic turrets near doors and entrances, or on top of walls and roofs.
  • It will be a fable for you to place in the surroundings: wooden spike traps and also pressure traps and land mines hidden in the undergrowth.
  • Feel free to surround your entire base - with multiple layers of walls if you can (that will push back players with fewer resources).

Tips and tricks for inner defense

In case the outer defense of the base fails, we will still have the inner defense , which is equally or even more important. In Rust you can see all kinds of interiors, and part of the fun is in being as ingenious as possible with how you distribute your possibilities.

These are the tips and tricks to keep in mind for a good and strong interior defense of your base:

  • Never put all your loot in one room: that would be suicide, if they reach it, you can be done. Instead, feel free to create multiple rooms and rooms in which to divide your resources by boxes.
  • Hide your tool cabinet very well: you have to hide it as much as possible, for this you can create a false wall with a hole behind it, put it in a very inaccessible room, and so on. The idea is that the harder and longer it takes to find it, the better.
  • Make indoor traps: like the Shotgun Trap (great for placing in front of doors and the closet) or the Flame Trap (great in corners) to greet the most eager players and surprise them.
  • Set up lots of sleeping bags - this will ensure you have spots to quickly respawn if killed and even destroyed (don't even think about having just one).

Create trap rooms and trolls

A good dose of our inner defense is based on the idea of ​​dedicating part of our resources to creating rooms that lead nowhere or directly that are traps for the players who enter them. What do we mean by this?

  • For example; creates a room with a simple door that, when broken, leads to stairs with an upper floor where there is no floor and the player falls into a "well" from which he cannot easily get out.
  • Another idea is to create a corridor with multiple doors that only lead to empty rooms, with the intention of exasperating the assailants to exhaust their resources or make them leave.

Eventually any invader can end up in your closet if you spend enough time on the task, but with these tips we hope that things will be more complicated for them . Do not hesitate to take a look at the best weapons in the game to be able to defend yourself tooth and nail (since during invasions you will also have to deter your enemies with firepower).

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