Rust: How to get and buy horses? Which is the best

Rust: How to get and buy horses? Which is the best

 Here we explain where you can find and get horses to use as saddles, either wild or buying them in the stables. Find out which are the best breeds.

There are quite a few animals in Rust , but none are quite as special as horses , these fantastic mounts can be used to move around the map faster and are highly sought after by many players. If you want to know how to get hold of them , where to find stables and more, we will explain everything to you below in this section of our complete guide .

How do you get horses?

There are several ways to get horses in Rust. Wild horses can be found in different parts of the map of your game. However, it is not very common to find them and each server has a fixed number of random horses, so if they die or are picked up by other players, your chances of getting one will decrease (probably until a server wipe is made ).

Luckily, there is a guaranteed way to get horses and that method involves visiting the stable buildings controlled by NPCs. In total there are always two monuments that contain stables for horses; the Great Barn and the Ranch . In these places you can buy horses in addition to their accessories.

Where are the stables?

To find the monuments that contain horse stables open the map of your game, by default on the G key, and look for the locations with names called Great Barn ( Large Barn ) and Ranch ( Ranch ). Both locations appear in open country areas , lightly populated with nature and near lakes, usually towards the interior of the center of the map.

  • Great Barn - This is a large red barn with fences and lots of haystacks. The place is defended by automatic AI turrets.
  • Ranch: another smaller red building containing several stables. Also defended by AI turrets.

It should be noted that since they are places guarded by NPCs and with defensive turrets of green lasers, it is not convenient for you to generate an alert in these territories. When you get close enough, the game itself will warn you to lower your weapons and not enter into conflict , otherwise you will swallow a lot of lead. If you have recently had a combat or fired a weapon, you will probably have to wait a few minutes for the red countdown to expire before you can safely enter the area.

How to buy horses

In the two aforementioned locations, you will always find an NPC in the central building who serves as the stable clerk (music can be heard to better locate them). If you interact with him you can trade with the following options:

  • Horseshoe - Sold for 40 scrap.
  • Saddle - Sold for 75 scrap.
  • Horse Armor - Sold for 100 scrap.

What interests you the most is surely the option of "saddle" since it is the option that is established to buy a horse . When you buy a saddle, you can already go see the horses in the stables to decide which one you want to keep (the horses as such are priceless). When you know which horse you want, go to him to saddle him and he will become your steed immediately.

Characteristics and which are the best horses

Each horse in Rust has different characteristics and attributes that differentiate them from each other, depending on the breed. When you approach one you can see what race it is and its attributes. Some may have more or less points of health, stamina or speed .

The best or most remarkable horses are considered to be the Thoroughbreds and the Piebald (spotted). These breeds have the highest top speed. The race with the highest HP attribute is the Bay . Regarding resistance, remember that you have to feed the horses with food so that they recover it and stay healthy.

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