Rust - How to install mods


Rust - How to install mods

This is what you must do in order to play Rust with the mods of your choice. Be careful, you may end up looking for servers with mods before trying to create your own.

Rust , one of the games of the moment, gives us the option to play on servers with mods of all kinds. From unique pieces of equipment from Fallout to invincibility, or useful things like the ability to communicate between players, create a market or launch air strikes. Here we will tell you what you should do if you want to manage a server with the mods that you want:

First of all, it is much easier to go to a server with mods than to try to install them on your own. You must bear in mind that the first thing is to have administrator permissions on a server , so you will have to rent one or someone with one for rent or property gives you admin permissions. All the explanations given here are totally legal , that is, you will not violate any T & Cs of the game when installing and using mods.

Download and install uMod (formerly Oxide)

  • In order to easily handle mods, download the latest version of uMod, formerly Oxide. In that link there will always be the latest version available , which will be the one that is 100% compatible with the latest version of Rust.
  • Now you have to install uMod .
  • First find the root or root directory of the server where you want to install the mod and open the folder.
  • Now go to the uMod folder that you downloaded and look for a folder called RustDedicated_Data .
  • You have to copy RustDedicated_Data from the uMod folder and paste it in the root of the server where you want to install the mods. You will see that there is already a RustDedicated_Data folder on the server, you must overwrite it .
  • Now launch the server and in the command console, type "oxide.version" (without the quotes). If you have installed uMod correctly, you should see several response lines, including "Oxide.Rust.Version" , which is the indicator that everything has gone well.

Download and install mods (plugins)

  • Now you just have to choose a mod from the list.
  • Keep in mind that there are free mods, but others are paid (although, currently, the paid mods section is disabled).
  • Downloading and installing the mods is a very simple process that will not give you any problems, and you can now enjoy them on your Rust server.

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