Rust vs Ark: Survival Evolved - Which is better?

Rust vs Ark: Survival Evolved - Which is better?

 These are the main similarities and differences between Rust and Ark: Survival Evolved, two of the most popular survival games in recent years. Which one do you like the most?

Rust is one of the games of the moment, years after its launch, thanks to the influence of Spanish YouTubers. In this game we will have to survive in a hostile environment , something similar to what happens in Ark: Survival Evolved . Since more than one has asked us about the similarities and differences and which is better , here we tell you the things to keep in mind.

Rust vs Ark: similarities and differences

  • Obviously, the theme is quite different . Where Rust is a "realistic" survival game, in Ark we have various dinosaurs and beasts .
  • Although both games focus on survival, the time that must be spent is different . In Rust you can have a base created and a relatively lined game in a matter of an hour, while Ark requires more time to gather supplies, create a base, etc.
  • Rust focuses almost entirely on PvP (it has a small PvE component, but most players consider it nothing more than a minor farming mechanic), while in Ark you have the possibility to play in PvP PvE (PvE is the acronym which refer to the fact that you will not fight against other players, but against the typical creatures and enemies controlled by the machine).
  • Rust players tend to be extremely aggressive . Don't be surprised when you get killed right off the bat, even when you have nothing to defend yourself with . If you don't play as a team, you may not last long.
  • All Rust progress is lost once a month , with occasional exceptions, when servers are restarted, generally the first Thursday of each month .
  • In contrast, as a general rule, Ark servers do not restart , with certain exceptions (Extinction servers, or servers for beginners, do reset every so often).
  • In both games we have the possibility to use mods .
  • In Ark you can use cheats without major problems, while in Rust you depend on whether the mods add some type of modification that can be considered a cheat or not.

Which is better, Ark or Rust?

With the differences that we have mentioned , surely you know the answer. It all depends on whether you are looking for something focused on PvP and fast games or much more in the long term and with the possibility of a more exploitable PvE and with a greater factor of farming of materials.

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