Signal: Activate backup and restore data

Signal: Activate backup and restore data

 More and more users are looking for suitable WhatsApp alternatives , and not just since the threat of WhatsApp terms and conditions . The Signal Messenger benefits from this, but the settings are a bit unusual. OkayGotcha shows you how you can activate the backup on Signal and restore it when you reinstall.

One of the main features of Signal is security. Accordingly, it is only logical and sensible that a signal backup is encrypted and stored on the mobile phone and not floating around in some cloud.

Activate signal backup

With other messengers, the backup usually takes place automatically and is then either in your Google or Apple account in the cloud or on the manufacturer's server. If there are data gaps, your data can possibly be obtained. Signal takes a different route. It's a bit more cumbersome, but definitely safer.

This is how the backup is switched on when there is a signal:

  1. Start the app and tap on your profile picture in the top left to open the settings.
  2. Then tap on “ Conversations and media content ” and scroll down to the “ Data backups ” section in the next window .
  3. There you will find the menu item “Save conversations ”. This does not only mean the chats, pictures and videos, but also the profile settings.
  4. Tap on it and then on the button " Switch on ".
  5. Now you have to choose a folder in which your signal backups should be saved. To do this, you have to allow Signal to access the folder.
  6. Navigate to a suitable folder or create a new one. Switch to this folder and then tap on “ Use this folder ”. Access approval may also be required for this.
  7. Now comes an important step - the “passphrase”! You will be shown a security code because you should write it down or save it. You need these six groups of five numbers each in order to be able to reactivate a backup later.
  8. Now tap on “ Activate backup ” to save your future backups in the selected folder.
  9. Finally, you can tap on “ Create backup ” in the overview to save the current data immediately.

Restore a signal backup

If there is a backup on your phone, you can quickly restore it after reinstalling Signal. Follow these steps:

  1. Start the Signal app and tap on " Restore backup " at the bottom of the start page .
  2. Then Signal wants to get some access rights from you.
  3. Then tap on " Select backup " and choose the signal backup that you created last.
  4. Now you have to enter your cell phone number and confirm it with a code sent to you .
  5. Then you have to enter the PIN that you assigned when you set up the old account for the first time. Your backup will be decrypted with this PIN.
The backup will now be decrypted, which may take some time depending on its size. After that, all of the most recently saved chats and your profile settings are restored.

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