Signal: video call - call, answer, start group calls

Signal: video call - call, answer, start group calls

 Signal can do everything WhatsApp can do - and even better. Of course, you can also make video calls with Signal. At OkayGotcha, you can find out how to activate video telephony, accept calls and how to set up group calls with video transmission in Signal.

Signal is all about security and that also means that even video calls are always encrypted from end to end ! Group calls are also possible. The encryption ensures that your video calls cannot be overheard by others. So there is definitely no reason not to use this WhatsApp alternative.

Start video call in signal

Video calls in Signal Messenger are possible with Android and iPhone phones. All you have to do is start a chat with one of your contacts and then you can call him:

  1. Starts the Signal Messenger.
  2. In the overview you can see a list of the existing chats. But you can also just start a new one by tapping the blue symbol with the pen . In that case you simply select a contact from your list.
  3. To start a video call now , simply tap on the camera symbol in the status display . For voice calls you tap on the phone receiver.
  4. Your camera image will now be displayed and as soon as you tap the “ Start call ” button , Signal will start “ dialing ”. Your conversation partner receives a notification and can now accept or refuse the call.

You can even turn off the video transmission on your site if you tap the camera icon before or during the call. This may seem pointless at first, but is useful, for example, if you urgently need to see the person you are talking to but want to reduce the amount of data because you are on the go.

Signal: start a group call with video

As you can easily imagine, in order to make a video group call, one must create a group. Here are the individual steps for a "video conference" in Signal :

  1. Start the app and if you have not yet created a group, do so by either tapping the " New Group " image below or calling up the menu and tapping on " New Group " there.
  2. In the next step you can select the members of the group from your contacts . Alternatively, you can skip this step and later activate an " invitation link " that can be passed on in various ways.
  3. As soon as the members have joined the group, simply tap on the " camera symbol " in the top right corner to start a group call.
  4. Now just tap on " Start call " and the members of the group will hear a ringtone and will be shown that they should participate in a group call.
  5. All they need on their phone just to " Join " and then again "to join call type".

The administrator of the group has full rights and can determine during the creation of the group that only people who have been confirmed by the admin are allowed. This is useful if you share a link that theoretically anyone could join this group.

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