Smartphone: remove widgets - here's how

Smartphone: remove widgets - here's how

 Removing unnecessary widgets from your smartphone home screen can increase battery life. By default, some devices have certain weather widgets activated at the factory. We'll show you how to remove them here at OkayGotcha.

Smartphone: remove widgets

  1. Swipe to the homescreen that has the widget that you want to remove.
  2. Press and hold the widget with your finger.
  3. A trash can  or a  remove symbol appears at the top .
  4. Drag the widget on it to remove it.

Delete widgets completely

If you follow the instructions above, the widgets will only be removed from the home screen. That alone is enough to increase performance and battery life, especially on older smartphones. If you uninstall the app that belongs to the widget, the widgets are completely deleted from the phone.

Certain preinstalled widgets can only be completely deleted with root rights . On many Android smartphones, this includes the weather widget or the widget for a pre-installed media player.

I myself only used a combined battery and clock widget. I don't have a weather widget because I don't like it when my location is constantly queried. How does it look for you? Feel free to write us your opinion and your favorite widgets in the comments below these instructions.

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