Solution: SD card is not recognized


Solution: SD card is not recognized

Does your smartphone or PC not recognize your SD card? This can have several causes. What you can do to make your SD card work again, we explain to you here on OkayGotcha.

SD card is not recognized - change device

First, check whether the SD card or the card reader on your device is faulty:

  1. Insert the SD card into another second device and check whether it works there.
  2. If so, the card reader on your first device is probably defective.
  3. If the SD card does not work in other devices either, the problem is with the SD card.

Follow our instructions below to get the SD card working again.

Solution: Smartphone does not recognize SD card

If the smartphone does not recognize the SD card, it may be that it is not compatible with the SD card:

  • Older smartphones, for example, often only support SD cards up to a certain size (16 or 32 GB).
  • Newer smartphones support SD cards from 128 GB.
  • Take a look at the instructions for your smartphone.
  • If so, you'll need to buy a new SD card that is compatible with your device.

Solution: Windows 10 does not recognize SD card

If the SD card is not recognized by Windows 10, make sure that the correct drivers for the reader are installed:

  1. Installs updates in Windows 10.
  2. See if you need to update your hardware drivers manually .
  3. After the updates, restart Windows 10 and reinsert the SD card into the device.
  4. Now this should be recognized properly.

Solution: cleaning if SD card not recognized

If the contacts of the SD card are dirty, devices can no longer read them. Do the following:

  1. Remove the SD card and check the contacts on the back for dirt and dust.
  2. If necessary, clean the contacts with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Blow (dry) into the SD card slot of the reader to remove any dirt there. Compressed air spray is very suitable for this.

Nothing works - repair SD card

If the above methods don't help, your SD card is probably defective.

  • Before throwing away the SD card, try to repair it and rescue the data. You can restore SD cards. This is possible, for example, with free programs such as  Recuva or TestDisk & PhotoRec .
  • Before you dispose of (defective) SD cards, you should destroy or format them for data protection reasons.

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